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99 Action & Arcade

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99 Action & Arcade
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99 Action & Arcade
English/European Windows CD-ROM edition
Rel Date: 2008-00-00
Publisher: Alten8 Ltd.
Developer: (Unknown)
Media: CD-ROM
Rating: (Not Rated)
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Description Edit | History

From the packaging

99 Games of the most popular genres!

99 action and arcade games with stunning graphics, addictive gameplay and numerous game options, suitable for all ages

• All games designed specifically for Windows XP
• Lots of game options, graphics effects and bonuses!
• Genres include racing, shooting, flying, combat ..
• Fast, eye- catching and plain old fun!

User Summary
What you get when you install this package are ten separate game types, each with ten game variants. That's actually one hundred games, not the ninety-nine promised in the title, (I guess the number ninety-nine just sounded catchier to the marketing department). There's a single menu screen from which the player chooses the game type and the game level. On this screen there are two additonal windows, one displays the objectives and the game controls while the second window displays a screen shot.

There is no high score table for any of these games, no pause, no save game facility and no automatic progression from one 'game' to the next, nor is there any in-game help text. It is also noticeable that the games re-use the same graphics, for example the tanks in the first two games fire the same missiles that are used in both JP-Flight and Up Shooter, the player's ship in Asteroid Hunter is one of the enemy ships in JP-Flight and so-on.
The games you get in this product are:

  • Tank Battle:

This game consists of ten levels each lasting twenty or thirty minutes, though the objectives change in each level they're all basically the same - defeat the enemy tanks and survive until the time runs out.

  • Tank Duel:

This game is very similar to Tank Battle and uses the same controls. Here the player's team must destroy the enemy team over a series of ten or fifteen minute rounds. The game consists of locating a tank in the game area and destroy it. It will be replaced and the process continues until the round countdown timer expires at which point the timer is reset and the the next round starts immediately, the process continues until the final round is over.

  • JP-Flight Space Shooter

This game is a keyboard controlled Space Invader style game where enemies advance down the screen in ranks and the player must eliminate them. All the games are the same but with minor variations, game two introduces bonuses (which may or may not help), in level three the enemy has an asteroid field to protect them and so on.

The player has five lives and ten thousand health points. Health points are lost when the player takes a hit or collides with an enemy but points can be scored by destroying enemy craft. The longer each game progresses the harder it becomes to destroy an enemy ship, what was once destroyed by a single hit may take two, three or more hits to destroy.
In the end the player just cannot shoot fast enough so either they lose all remaining lives/health to an indestructable screen ful of ships or one of the ships lands.

  • Asteroid Hunter

This game is a variation on Asteroids. There are ten game variations in which the sole objective is to destroy asteroids, when all asteroids are destroyed another set appears. Some games give the player has wingmen who assist in the destruction and there may be bonus items to be collected that increase or decrease the player's health points and can provide short periods of invulnerability. The arrow keys are used to steer the ship and the mouse is used to aim and fire. The game continues until the player runs out of lives and health points.

  • Planet Defender

This game to is a variation on Asteroid Hunter, however here the player must protect a planet from the onslaught of rocks. The game uses the same controls and bonuses as Asteroid Hunter so game play is very similar. Later levels introduce multiple planets, space stations and enemy spacecraft. The player starts with five lives and ten thousand health points which are decreased when the spaceship hits an asteroid and the planet starts with thirty thousand health points which are eroded as it is struck by rocks. The game ends when the planet is destroyed or the player runs out of health points and lives.

  • Up-Shooter

This game is a Galaxian style game. Enemies swoop across and down the screen and the player must eliminate them. Gameplay continues until the player runs out of lives and health while the longer the game goes on the enemies become harder to destroy.

  • Robot Arena

Here the player controls a robot, a kind of tracked vehicle, and drives it around a maze. The player starts unarmed and must collect lasers, cannon, etc by finding them in the maze. There are ten levels, one of which is a five minute survival game where the player's bot is unarmed, the remainder ar all twenty or thirty miutes long and have the same "destroy opposing robots to score points" objective. As with other games in this compilation the arrow keys steer the robot and the mouse aims the weapon.

  • Space Race

Here the player has to race around a track that consists of a tunnel made from hoops suspended in space. The mouse steers the craft while the forward/backward arrow keys control the speed.

  • Cannon Shoot

In the early levels tanks pass from left to right and the player must destroy a fixed number within the time period of the game, for example the objective in game one is to destroy 300 tanks in 20 minutes to win while not allowing more that 150 tanks to sneak by. Games 5-10 take the action into space with enemy ships and asteroids to shoot at. Some enemy tanks/spacecraft/rocks will attack the player but most will not. The game is over if the player loses all five lives or if too of the designated enemy escape.

  • Interceptor

A never ending line of enemy craft fly across the top of the screen dropping bombs, bricks and so on. The player's craft shoots both forward and sideways simultaneously and the objective is to to achieve a high score by destroying as many craft and bombs as possible. Later levels give the player buildings to defend, move the action into space, or limit the players ammunition, requiring that the player visits the bottom right corner to reload.

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