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Astral Masters
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Astral Masters
Windows Downloadable edition
Rel Date: 2004-00-00
Publisher: Apus Software
Developer: Apus Software
Media: Downloadable Content
Rating: (Not Rated)
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Description Edit | History

Astral Masters is a card-battle and deck-construction game that will force you to challenge your brains and hone your thinking skills. You construct a deck of powerful creatures and spells using cards from four elements balanced against your mage's mental energy. Then you take your creation into battle against a host of opposing magi in Astral Masters' League mode, or confront your friends online via the Internet or a LAN!

Explore your strategic thinking to defeat superior mages and wizards as you unleash your own magical deck on them! Challenge your brain with a quick game or play online with your friends. Do you have what it takes to become an Astral Master?

- Easy learning curve;
- Totally addictive gameplay;
- Colorful, eye-pleasing graphics with a unique fantasy style;
- One-off duels or tournament games;
- Solo and Multiplayer Modes;
- Challenging AI;
- Comprehensive spell book;
- Free online server linking you to a worldwide net of human opponents 24/7.

Astral Masters is easy to learn yet hard to master. Its addictive qualities go way beyond your standard card game. Get hooked today!

From the Developer's Website:

The game Astral Masters combines the best features of the computer game Astral Tournament and collectible card games while dispensing with the "collectible" part. Two players compete, each fighting against the other by casting various spells and summoning fantastic creatures. You can play either against the computer (both in single games and in tournaments) or against other people.

The game is easy to learn and does not require previous knowledge of other card games.

1. Main game parameters.

Each player is represented in-game by a mage having three main characteristics.

The first of them is Life. A mage begins a duel having a certain amount of Life which will vary higher or lower during the course of the match. If at any moment the mage's life drops to zero or less, he is considered defeated.

The second main parameter is Astral Power, which in a nutshell determines your mage's magical prowess. Higher Astral Power means your mage will be able to cast higher cost spells. Each player begins the game with their amount of Astral power equal to zero. As a result of the players' actions each turn, Astral Power will generally increase over the course of the duel.

The third main parameter is Mana, and it is directly related to Astral Power. At the beginning of each turn Mana is reset to equal the mage's current Astral Power. Basically any action the player takes requires him to expend a certain amount of Mana. If there isn't enough Mana for the action it can not be performed.

2. Cards and their use.

Each player chooses a deck of cards and at the beginning of the duel, and is delt a hand from his respective deck. In the process of playing he gets one more card at the beginning of each turn. Also the player can receive cards as an effect of different spells and some creatures' abilities. Maximum number of cards you can have in the hand is 8.

Cards can be of two types: creatures and spells. Each card has a Mana cost. Creatures summoned by the player to the battlefield will stay and fight to the death, while spells cause a certain immediate impact on the game situation. When a player summons a creature or spell, the respective card must be played from his hand. Otherwise, play of cards is only limited by the amount of Mana available.

Besides using cards for summoning creatures/spells, players can sacrifice one card per turn. The sacrificed card is discarded from the player's hand and both Astral Power and Mana are increased by 1. I.e. during the duel the player constantly makes a choice between which cards to discard so as to build up Astral Power and which cards to use to play against the enemy.

3. Creatures, slots and attack process.

Each creature has two stats: Attack Strength and Life. If the creature attacks any opposing creature, that defending creature's life is reduced by the attack strength of the attacking creature. If the creature's life is reduced to 0, the creature dies. Each player has 6 creature slots that can hold summoned creatures. If all the slots are full the player can't summon any more creatures - he can only cast spells.

At the end of a player's turn, all deployed creatures he controls attack the enemy. Each creature attacks separately. Enemy creatures in opposing slots absorb any damage from these attacks. However, if the creature attacks an empty slot, the attack directly injures the opponent.

4. Creatures' abilities.

Many creatures possess various abilities. There are three kinds of abilities:

* Permanent abilities. These abilities are always active, regardless of what else happens in the game. For example, Wall of Peace decreases the attack of all enemy's creatures by 1. This effect is active all the time while Wall of Peace remains in the game.
* Trigger Abilities. These abilities are triggered automatically when a particular event occurs, such as when a card is gained, a creature is deployed or a spell is cast. For example, Astral Chaneller increases the controlling mage's Astral Power by 1 each time a freindly creature with a Mana cost of 4 or greater is summoned into play.
* Secondary Abilities. These abilities are only activated if the creature's owner pays the necessary amount of Mana. Such abilities can be used only once per turn for each creature. For example, for 1 Mana the Elven Archer can conduct a ranged attack against any enemy creature and inflict 4 damage points.

Source: The Game Website. with a lot of editing for grammar and clarity!!!

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