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Half-Baked Prophet
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User Summary

Waka is a calm, mysterious, and French accented prophet from the Moon Tribe with the ability to foresee the future. His long white hair is red tipped (its true color is golden) and his stature is very short. Waka is always clad in pink with a flute in hand and pinky held out, a habit created by his frequent flute playing. Although he is a self proclaimed Taoist little of what he dose suggest such. Waka introduces himself as "the gods gift to man" and often appears to be connected to activities of questionable merit. He wields a katana called Pillow Talk and a flute that doubles as a light-saber like sword (a weapon characteristic of the Moon Tribe). He is capable of walking on water (even if stunned), floating, astral projection, and teleportation.

Waka is well over 200 years old, being either immortal or possessing an exceptionally long life span. Having once lived on the Celestial Plain with Shiranui (aka Amaterasu) he fought alongside her when Orochi attacked as the Celestials fled to the Ark of Yamato. All those on board the ark were devoured by monsters as it lost its rudder and crashed into the mortal plain unleashing all the evils within upon the world. Having brought the Ark of Yamato to the Celestial Plain but oblivious to what lied within Waka never forgave himself. When Shiranui fell to the earth with Orochi Waka told her to wait until Nagi was born. So Shiranui waited for 100 years while Orochi caused the people to suffer. Shiranui’s faith in him despite knowing he is among the Moon Tribe who escaped from the Lunar Realm and about the Ark caused Waka to become fiercely loyal to Shiranui to the extent that he would not hesitate to give up his life for her.

Waka’s faithfulness and admiration for Amaterasu is not mirrored in her guide and close friend Issun whom Waka refers to as his "Little Bouncing Friend" and in turn is addressed as the "Half-Baked Prophet" by Issun. The two share a mutual resentment and Issun’s frequent accusations of treachery and misdoings are taken in stride by Waka who turns them around or manages to exposes Issun’s own faults and misdeeds.

In Ōkamiden a doll called Kurow was built by Waka in his likeness to act as a seal for Akuro. Possessing freewill and emotion Kurow was unhappy being just a ‘copy’ created for the sole purpose of sacrificing himself instead of being a unique individual allowed to make his own decisions.

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Character Quotes:

"It takes two to tango. The bond of the brush shall intercede." -Waka

"It is just something I heard from some old man. Apparently his grandson who was also his apprentice ran away from home and took the old mans painting of a wood sprite with him. Do you think he may have claimed to have painted that piece? I mean there are so many unscrupulous people. Sometimes it can be hard to spot an imposter in the wide world of art, but you wouldn’t know anything about that would you?" -Waka (To Issun)


Waka is one of two characters (the other being Oki) that cannot be hurt by Amaterasu outside of battle. Physical attacks and the brush techniques will have no effect.

Waka is based on the historical character "Minamoto no Yoshitsune" (known as Ushiwakamaru in his childhood) who acted as a Robin Hood like character excellently trained in the way of the sword. His main companion "Saitō Musashibō Benkei" also appears in Okami as Benkei the Warrior Monk.

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