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Oki is a powerful warrior of the Oina Tribe in Kamui. Like the half-beast Oina he can turn into a wolf and wears a mask at all times. As a wolf his makings match that of his clothing, being entirely blue with red eyes, red bands around his legs, and a red stripe along the side of his body with white rings overlapping it. He uses the sword ‘Kutone’ in battle but can transform into a wolf at will while retaining the ability to use ‘Kutone’. In this form his main attacks switch to using projectile swords and icicles, charge attacks, and generating pink copies of himself.

Oki is stubborn, headstrong, and confident in his abilities, frequently rushing into battles without a second thought with usually disastrous results. He cares deeply for his people even saving Samickle and Kemu from near death at the hands of the twin demons. Despite being "lucky to have come home alive" he is enraged by the demons and his inability to defeat them so he stole the sacred sword ‘Kutone’ intent on fulfilling the Oina prophecy that foretold "when Kutone glows silver the wall of ice shall shatter and open the way to the heavens when Kutone, the guardian sword, glows silver." To achieve this Oki believes the sword must taste the blood of the demons that plague the area all the while ignoring his tribe’s outrage and demands that he return the sword.

Oki traveled through the 'Spirit Gate' arriving in Kamiki Village a 100 years in the past during Orochi’s right of sacrifice. He attempted to defeat Orochi himself but failed and instead witnessed the beast’s demise at the hands of Nagi and Amaterasu. Humiliated Oki returned to the present day and endangered his people by breaking the Wawku shrine gate, allowing the full blast of the raging blizzard to batter his people as he carelessly engaged the twin demons in battle. Oki was nearly slain but was saved by Amaterasu’s 100 year old incarnation Shiranui, who took the fatal blow instead. Oki then saves Shiranui from falling off the platform instead of chasing after the wounded demons. This act causes 'Kutone' to glow and Oki to understand why it would not before. He then asks Amaterasu to join him in the final confrontation with the demons.

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Kutone's hilt has the faces of five owls carved into it.

Oki is one of two characters (the other being Waka) that cannot be hurt by Amaterasu outside of battle. Physical attacks and the brush techniques with the exception of Bloom will have no effect.

Oki is based on Okikuruni from Ainu folklore who taught the Ainu people all their skills, including hunting, fishing, weaving and tree felling. After Okikuruni taught the Ainu how to chop trees he and his wife ascended to heaven on the echo of a falling tree.

Oki means ‘big’ or ‘great’ in Japanese

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