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Primary Name
M'aiq the Liar
Alternate Names
Helpful NPC
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User Summary

M'aiq the Liar is a khajiit savant who gives the player his opinions, ideas, and thoughts about the game. Most pertain to the games issues/faults and players/fans complaints. He has stated in both Morrowind and Oblivion that he likes to eat horse.

His first appearance was in Morrowind as a tiger striped Kajiit dressed in blue and cream colored clothing. He spoke mostly lies which are well known for being extreamly comicle and entertaining. The one truth he told was that of the wealthy 'Muddcrab Merchant' stealing all the bussiness. Aditionally he was able to walk on water and would greet the player with "Greetings! M'Aiq knows many things. What is your interest? You seek knowledge. M'Aiq has much. Some of it verified by actual facts!"

He appeared again in Oblivion as a solid sand colored Kahjiit dressed in grey robes and spoke mostly truth. Almost all answering player complaints and lack of certain features in the game. He reguarly travels between Anvil and Leyawiin always stopping at noon to search for calipers until 5pm unless he has already collected 20 of them. M'aiq will always greet the player with "M'aiq knows much, tells some. M'aiq knows many things others do not."

In Skyrim M'aiq the Liar appears as a dark beige colored Kahjiit dressed in tan robes . He wanders the wilderness freely and Skooma can be found on his person. M'aiq is able to see the player when they are invisible and will speak to them while in werewolf form. Additionally the player can transform in front of him without penalty.

Character Versions
Pg. 1
M'aiq the Liar
M'aiq the Liar
Helpful NPC
Appears in
The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion
Link Image
M'aiq the Liar
M'aiq the Liar
Helpful NPC
Appears in
The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind
Link Image
M'aiq the Liar
M'aiq the Liar
Helpful NPC
Appears in
The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim
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More Information Edit | History

Character Quotes:


"Dragons? Oh, they're everywhere! You must fly very high to see most of them, though. The ones nearer the ground are very hard to see, being invisible." -M'aiq the Liar

"M'Aiq does not know this word. You wish others to help you in your quest? Coward! If you must, search for the Argonian Im-Leet, or perhaps the big Nord, Rolf the Uber. They will certainly wish to join you." -M'aiq the Liar

"Ahh... The beauty of the naked form. These Dunmer are rather prudish, are they not? Of course, there is an island you can reach filled with wonderful, naked, glistening bodies. It only appears when the moons are full, the rain falls, the seas run red, and it's M'Aiq's birthday." -M'aiq the Liar

"M'Aiq has heard of this. They've got all the money. Mudcrabs taking over everything. They already run Pelagiad." -M'aiq the Liar


"M'aiq wishes he had a stick made out of fishies to give to you. Sadly, he does not." -M'aiq the Liar

"M'aiq believes the children are our future. But he doesn't want them ruining all of our fun." -M'aiq the Liar

"M'aiq prefers to adventure alone. Others just get in the way. And they talk, talk, talk." -M'aiq the Liar

"It is good the people wear clothing. M'aiq wears clothing. Who would want to see M'aiq naked? Sick, sick people. Very sad." -M'aiq the Liar

"Werewolves? Where? Wolves? Men that are wolves? Many wolves. Everywhere. Many men. That is enough for M'aiq." -M'aiq the Liar


"M'aiq is always in search of calipers, yet finds none. Where could they have gone?" -M'aiq the Liar

"M'aiq does not understand what is so impressive about shouting. M'aiq can shout whenever he wants." -M'aiq the Liar

"Werebears? Where? Bears? Men that are bears?" -M'aiq the Liar

"Dragons were never gone. They were just invisible, and very very quiet." -M'aiq the Liar

"M'aiq does not remember his childhood, perhaps he never had one." -M'aiq the Liar

"Nords' armor has lots of fur. This sometimes makes M'aiq nervous." -M'aiq the Liar

"Some say Alduin is Akatosh. Some say M'aiq is a Liar. Don't you believe either of those things." -M'aiq the Liar


Morrowind is the only game in which M'aiq's name is spelled 'M'Aiq' with a captial 'A'.

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