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Anders is a fun-loving mage, jokester, and cat lover. He has a strong belief against the mages being kept captive in the Circle of Magi. Anders has made several attempts at escaping the tower and done so successfully but would quickly be re-captured due in part to the Templars possession of his phylactery (vial of blood) but more largely because of the grudges held against him by women whom he has been in past relationships with.

Unlike most mages seeking freedom from the tower Anders has never resorted to blood magic but the Templars have labeled him as such anyway. He was once held in solitary confinement for a year and within that time the only companionship he had was that of Mr. Wiggums the cat that lived in the tower. Mr. Wiggums was eventually possessed by a demon and took out four Templars before he was slain lending to Anders love of cats.

During his seventh escape attempt Anders took refuge from a dark spawn attack in the Warden’s tower, displaying amazing fighting capabilities. He was soon recognized by the Templars who intend to kill him instead of risking another escape attempt but the Grey Wardens recruit him much to the Templars dismay. During his time with the Grey Wardens the Commander gave Anders a cat he named Sir Pounce-A-Lot after hearing of Anders time in the tower and assisted Anders in destroying his phylactery.

After a time Anders was forced to leave his cat Sir Pounce-A-Lot with a friend in Amaranthine because the Warden commander thought it made him soft. Justice, a spirit from the fade who had assisted the Warden and befriended Anders was living an unnatural and distressing life in the mortal world where it did not belong. Seeking to aid his friend Ander's allowed Justice into his body. The merge made Anders mellower, more focused on the tasks before him, and more invested in seeking freedom for all mages. He eventually "left" the Wardens by sneaking off and going into hiding. Ander's started up a free clinic in Kirkwall and befriended the Champion of Kirkwall.

Ander's hatred for the Templars and the injustice endured by the mages tainted Justice who gradually became violent, merciless, and hostile which changed him from a spirit of Justice to a spirit of Vengeance. When angered, Anders body is taken over by Justice who struggles to tell friend from foe and kills indifferently, even the mages or people their trying to save. Anders comes to believe that what he did with Justice, however good intentioned was crueler than the alternative. With his control of Justice slipping farther away each day, Anders fell into a depression believing himself to have committed the same wrongs as blood-mages with Justice now as uncontrollable and ill-natured as a demon.

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Dragon Age: Origins – Awakening
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Dragon Age II
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Character Quotes:

"The people fear what we can do, but to use that fear to bludgeon us into submission is wrong! And they do it with our blessing!" -Anders

"All I want is a pretty girl, a decent meal, and the right to shoot lightning at fools." -Anders

"I removed the chance of compromise because there is no compromise. There can be no peace." -Anders


  • His real name is unknown and his nickname refers to the fact that his family is from the Anderfels. Anders is a common name in Scandinavia, equivalent to the English name Andrew and derived from the Ancient Greek word andros meaning "human" or "man." In modern Dutch and modern German Anders means "different" but this is likely purely by chance since both words come from a completely different origin.
  • In the Witch Hunt DLC while in the library in the Circle of Magi, one can find some old notes left in a book in which a young mage made sketches in the margins depicting templars being eaten by a tiger named "Ser Pounce-a-lot".
  • In the Witch Hunt DLC the mage Finn reveals through dialogue that Anders once escaped the Circle of Magi by swimming across Lake Calenhad during a weekly training exercise for the apprentices. He was caught again one week later.
  • In Dragon Age II Anders uses the line "There can be no peace" in Act 3 as does Flemeth in the beginning of the game.
  • Jennifer Hepler describes the choice of keeping Anders alive as "poetic justice", as he would have to face and suffer the knowledge of the lives he took. She also states her belief that he wishes death so that the people whom he killed receive justice as well.
  • Anders wrote his own manifesto at some point, likely detailing his opinions about the Mage-Templar Feud and what he thinks should be done about it. Hawke can find copies of it placed in various parts of his/her estate, as well as some companions' homes, probably set there by Anders in a hope that someone would actually read it.
  • It is speculated by fans that Anders may have Bipolar Disorder.
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