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Isabela is the lusty captain of the pirate ship The Siren's Call. Her birth name is Naishe, however when she became a pirate the first ship's captain she served under began to call her "Isabela" his "little beauty" as a joke. She is originally from Rivain but has traveled extensively throughout the world of Thedas. Her mother converted to the Qun during the Qunari occupation of Rivain and sold Isabela into marriage with an associate of the Antivan Crows, Luis, when she refused to convert. Luis was a rich man who bought Isabela many fine things but the marriage was loveless and she was treated as his "plaything". She ultimately had Luis assassinated by Zevran Arainai after Luis asked her to "entertain" his friends. She then stole Luis' ship, The Siren's Call and took up the pirate's life. Isabela became extremely promiscuous and soon became a feared raider as the self-proclaimed "Queen of the Eastern Seas."

Isabela is fist encountered at The Pearl arguing with three other men that quickly dissolves into a fight. She manages to defeat the group of men due to her superior dueling skills and states that her ship is staying in Denerim to let her men fill up on supplies and other "pleasures". Zevran knows her from before and—if brought along—will announce that she is the "Queen of the Eastern Seas and the sharpest blade in Llomerryn". Isabela plays cards with the Warden and offers to bed them.

Several years later she worked as a smuggler for the crime leader Castillon but had fallen out of his favor. Castillon hired Isabela to supervise a shipment but the suspicious Isabela soon discovered the "cargo" was in fact Blight refugees that Castillon had sold as slaves. She freed the slaves and as punishment Castillon ordered her to retrieve a valuable relic to make up for her disobedience. Isabela then lost her ship along with its crew and the relic at the reefs near Kirkwall during a heavy storm.

Isabela befriends Hawke and asks their help in retrieving the relic. After receiving it she leaves Kirkwall and Hawke to face the Arishok who want the relic back. With a high enough friendship Isabela has a change of heart and returns to Hawke with the relic.

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Dragon Age: Origins
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Dragon Age II
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Character Quotes:

"Sailing is like sex. If you do it wrong, you will get sick... but do it right, and there's no feeling in the world like it." -Isabela

"A warehouse? I don't like being led around. Unless leashes are involved. And they're not."' -Isabela

"I like big Boats, I cannot lie." -Isabela

"You see, sweetness, men are only good for one thing. Women are good for six." -Isabela


Ironically her name means "devoted to God" in Hebrew, even though she has no respect for religions.

When encountering the Desire Demon in the side quest Night Terrors, upon betraying Hawke, Isabela will say "I like big boats, I cannot lie," a reference to the song Baby Got Back by Sir Mix-A-Lot.

In a party banter with Aveline, she'll make several sexually-based references to Origins, including "Shank your Jory", "Grey your Warden", "Master your Taint", and "Arl your Eamon".

If you take Isabela into the Deep Roads she may comment nervously on how she "really doesn't like tight spaces", implying that she is claustrophobic.

The Line "Step 1: We find Velasco. Step 2: Something exciting happens. Step 3: Profit" is a reference to the Underpants Gnomes in the TV show South Park, whose business plan was "Phase 1: Collect underpants. Phase 2: ? Phase 3: Profit."

Upon meeting King Alistair in Viscount's Keep, Alistair will say that Isabela looks different, to which Isabela will respond "Don't we all." This is probably an in-game joke referring to the changes in character appearance between the games. If imported from Origins where Alistair is exiled or selecting the "No Compromise" backstory, Alistair will be found intoxicated in The Hanged Man, where Isabela and Alistair will not recognize each other. She will say he's been ranting about being the "Prince of Ferelden" all day and he will say she sounds like Morrigan.

"Fools Rush In" quest title may be a reference to the movie "Fools Rush In", in which Salma Hayek plays a character named Isabel.

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