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User Summary

Cicero is an Imperial assassin, member of the Dark Brotherhood, and ‘keeper’ of the Night Mother. He is first encountered on the road to Whiterun near Loreius Farm after the wagon transporting his ‘mother’ lost a wheel. He is seen again after arriving at the Dark Brotherhood sanctuary.

He was originally from the Cheydinhal sanctuary in Cyrodiil but came to Skyrim in search of a new Listener after the Night Mother’s tomb in Bravil was desecrated. Cicero like many of the other Brotherhood assassins would take on a persona to get closer to their targets. Shortly before going mad Cicero had killed a jester and recalling how happy the jester was in life as well as death Cicero made it a permanent persona. He was honored and disappointed to be named ‘keeper’ of the Night Mother as it meant he’d no longer be able to take up assassination contracts but understood the importance of his task and takes it seriously.

Considered eccentric by the other Brotherhood members Cicero can always be seen dancing amusingly by the Night Mother, rarely if ever leaving her side. He regularly talks to, sings, tells jokes, and asks the Night Mother questions. After hearing Astrid speak ill of the Night Mother Cicero attacked her but was forced into combat with the whole Brotherhood and would have killed Astrid if not for Veezara getting in the way to save her. Arnbjorn chased after Cicero and was nearly killed as well but managed to grievously wound Cicero by hitting an artery, which caused Cicero to flee into the Dawnstar sanctuary where Arnbjorn couldn’t follow.

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The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim
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Character Quotes:

"Laughing, laughing, laughing, laughing! It is the jester! A voice from the Void, to cheer poor Cicero! I accept your gift, dearest Night Mother. Thank you for my laughter. Thank you for my friend." -Cicero

"A Dark Brotherhood assassin was killed by a common bandit while walking the streets of Cheydinhal. How can something so sad be so funny?" -Cicero

"The world has seen the last of Cicero the man. Behold Cicero, Fool of Hearts - laughter incarnate!" -Cicero

"If I catch a sleeping bird I’ll snap its neck before it’s heard." -Cicero

"Cicero crazy? That IS MADNESS!" -Cicero

"YOU GET TO HEAR VOICES IN YOUR HEAD! The rest of us should be so lucky." -Cicero

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Release Date 2011-11-11
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