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Cutter is a Bosmer smith living in Crucible, New Sheoth. She is the owner of Cutter's Weapons and one of two smiths in the Shivering Isles that can forge powerful magic and non-magic weapons and armor, Cutter specializing in forging from matrices and madness ore. She is resourceful when asked about any suspicious characters in Crucible and carries huge amounts of weaponry. Cutter takes pride in her smithing skills, going so far as to test her weapons on herself first. Although she cannot die a tombstone for her exists: "In memory of Cutter. She enjoyed every cut to the last. And she enjoyed that one the most. It cut her spirit free."

She is a member of the ‘Duelists’ and at 8pm everyday heads to the rooftop of Sickly Bernice's Taphouse for two hours of drinking and fighting with the other members. Cutter participates in the fights on Turdas taking on Caldana Monrius, Ma'zaddha and Ushnar gro-Shadborgob on Morndas, and Caldana Monrius, Ushnar gro-Shadborgob, and Muurine together on Fredas.

She dose not get along with the Bliss smith Dumag gro-Bonk and if the player had items forged by Dumag gro-Bonk, Cutter gets angry saying "Do you enjoy it? Cutting my heart? Why visit that other smith?" and "Why visit that other smith? Piercing flesh with my blades doesn't satisfy you?".

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The Elder Scrolls IV: Shivering Isles
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Character Quotes:

"To Cutter's in Crucible you should go for bladed weapons to thwart your foe." -Halion

"Crush the skulls of the fallen under your boots. Stomp out their eyeballs with your heel. Paint the floor red in a bloody dance." -Cutter

"They say the heart anchors the soul to the man. Think of this while the heart of your enemy beats in your hand. Then squeeze." -Cutter

"With a gentle moan, this bow will yield to your pull. With a scream of delight, it will launch pain into your enemies." -Cutter

"Boots are useful. Though, sometimes, it's nice to wade barefoot through the blood of your fallen foes." -Cutter

"Thadon's blood is so tainted. He needs to be cut open so he can let some of the toxin out." -Cutter

"Syl is a paranoid fool. She could torture me as much as she'd like, though. Cut intricate patterns into my skin. I shiver just thinking about it." -Cutter

"Sheogorath is gone. Better carry a blade, just in case. Use it on your enemies, if things get bad. Or on yourself, if things get worse." -Cutter

"I thought we were all doomed for a while there. I carved my last will and testament, but I won't say where." -Cutter

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