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Yura Masayoshi
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Tyrann is a shade who was once a bloodthirsty commander called Yura Masayoshi and currently inhabits Kainé’s body, once having known the original Kainé. He holds contempt for humans, frequently commenting on their nature and how they treat one another.

Yura Masayoshi was the commander of a small military unit for the ‘Counter-measure against Special Biological Organisms Department’ that overran the Hamelin Organization and they took their organic weapon No. 7 (Emil) hostage. He was a bloodthirsty and ruthless leader who used intimidation techniques and fear to keep his soldiers in line while not shying away from deadly force to make others cooperate.

He was funded and supported by Kainé’s grandmother Kali who ordered him to guard her home against the incoming invasions of Red Eyes and Legion. When the invasion couldn’t be stopped he used Emil’s abilities and sacrificed all his men to save himself and then went into hiding.

When people were being turned into ‘Gestalts’ Yura managed to join them by changing his name to Tyrann but when the military figured out his scheme they destroyed his ‘Replicant’. Unable to return to his body Tyrann spent the next thousand years possessing others ‘Replicants’ until he destroyed them. To fulfill his bloodlust and need for power and control he slaughtered other shades until meeting Kainé. After being left mutilated by the shade Hook Tyrann fused with Kainé saving her life and allowing her to use his power as she saw fit so long as she continued to "hate and kill things", but claimed he would "take over" if she ever showed a sign of weakness.

Kainé describes Tyrann as "just a lonely soul, who nobody likes, and has to use hatred as a crutch", claiming she feels the same. Tyrann comes to understand and care about Kainé referring to her as "Sunshine" and in probably the only noble deed in his life pins her down after she snaps giving Nier the choice to kill Kainé like she wanted or restore her humanity by erasing his own existence.

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Character Quotes:

"But goddamn, we had fun, huh? Killing and killing and more killing! What a rush!" -Tyrann

"I turned you into a killing machine! I spread evil and chaos around the world! But it all feels so empty now! Why!? I don’t understand!" -Tyrann

"Stop! Don’t treat me this way! I hate it when people are nice to me!" -Tyrann

"I’m gonna swallow you up, Sunshine! Gonna swallow you whole!" -Tyrann

"Well, hell, Sunshine, its not like I can stop it! When Gestalts go out of control, they lose their minds! Your memory and mine will be completely overwritten!" -Tyrann

"I spent yeeeears inside Kainé's body. Tormenting her from within. I felt her pain, her emotions, as if they were my own. And there was so much pain! So when I say she’s free now, I want you to believe me." -Tyrann


Tyrann means ‘tyrant’ in German.

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