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Saavedro is the husband to Tamra, father of two daughters, and an inhabitant of Narayan the age of balance. He befriended Atrus who asked him to teach Sirrus and Achenar about Narayan's careful tending of the Lattice Tree so that they would better understand balance and its necessity for civilization. Saavedro agreed and taught the brothers who returned to Narayan years later as corrupted adults claiming they could "fix" Narayan so that its inhabitants would no longer need to tend the Lattice Tree. These promises caused many of the young people to go against the elders and lead to the neglect of the Lattice Tree.

Saavedro left Narayan after it fell into decay to confront Sirrus and Achenar in J'nanin the age of tests. The brothers explained that they had no intention of helping Narayan and then tortured Saavedro, tied him to a pole, and left him stranded in J'nanin for twenty years. Saavedro slowly went mad and missing his family attempted to paint a picture of Tamra on a wall but could not remember her eyes. He came to believe his family and home of Narayan had been totally destroyed. Around 9468 Atrus visited J'nanin unaware of Saavedro's presence and left behind a linking book to Tomahna. Saavedro visited Tomahna where he stalked Atrus and his family growing envious of Atrus new life. When he realized that Atrus' loved ones were in the new age Releeshahn he began planning and preparing a trap for Atrus to either kill him or force him to "rewrite" Narayan (something not possible with the Art).

In 9471 Saavedro stole Releeshahn and left behind a linking book to J'nanin in an attempt to lure Atrus. However instead of Atrus the Stranger who was visiting at the time followed Saavedro. After solving the puzzles of the lesson ages of J'nanin the Stranger reached Narayan where Saavedro waited. Upset that Atrus had not come Saavedro understood that the Stranger was after the book Releeshahn. The Stranger was able to open the ice shield that separated them from the rest of Narayan, something Saavedro had been unable accomplish. This led to the discovery that the Lattice Tree was still alive and that Narayan was not dead after all. Overjoyed at the thought of seeing his family again Saavedro was easily trapped between ice shields by the Stranger. Saavedro willing handed over Releeshahn and begged to be returned home to the Lattice Tree. The Stranger opened the outer shield allowed Saavedro to return to his family.

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Myst III: Exile
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Character Quotes:

"I am staring at the sky. Seeing a man grow out of the cliff. Sunlight rims his body like a halo. I think that Death has finally come for me. The man stands on the cliff with a book in his hand, staring down at the lagoon as if something made him sad. I wanted to call out to him. To tell him it was me he's come to find. And before I think to stand, he opens his book. Puts his hand on the page. And fades to dust." -Saavedro

"I see their bloated faces laughing at everything. I remember how they lied. I remember what they did. They brought me here to die. No one was waiting to perform the ritual Weaves. The fighting had torn my people apart. They didn't care. They didn't care. They wanted Narayan to die." -Saavedro

"The fog didn't find me this time. When I opened my eyes I was alone in a room. I was standing in the home of my betrayers. I couldn't move. I was afraid. I thought they'd know that I had come and would be waiting for me. Just like they had waited inside this very tusk. I was afraid they would tie me up again. That the poison snakes would strike. But the silence was unbroken. The whole house was still. And without really knowing what I did, I started to search." -Saavedro

"Is that what happened, Atrus? Safe in your beautiful new home, enjoying life with your dear wife and family. Did you become so busy envisioning new worlds that you forgot the ones you'd already created?" -Saavedro

"Twenty years, Atrus! Twenty -- long -- years -- alone! They tied me to a post! They burned their Myst linking books in front of me! They took everything I had! My wife! MY TWO BABY GIRLS! And then, when I finally made it back to Narayan, and I saw...I saw....It would have been better, if I had died." -Saavedro


The clothing that Saavedro wears is made from one of the word tapestries on Narayan.

A Saavedro action figure was released with his name misspelled as "Saveedro".

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