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The Dragon
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Grigori is a large red colored dragon that speaks in both Latin and English. He appears every so often to find a courageous person so that he may perform an ancient right by tearing out and devouring their heart, making them the new “Arisen”. He then roosts in the tainted mountains awaiting the Arisen to confront him. Grigori offers the Arisen two choices, the first being to face him in battle. The second is to offer up the person they love most to him and in return will grant them immortality for as long as he draws breath, dukedom of Gransys, and will leave the land in peace but later return to repeat the process with a new Arisen.

Upon being slain in battle Grigori vaporizes and returns the hearts he has accumulated to all the previous Arisens, ending their immortality. His death opens the Everfall beneath Gran Soren destroying most of the city and unleashing ferocious monsters upon the world. It also creates an eternally darkened sky known as the Long Night. Before totally disappearing the dragon tells the Arisen to seek the "truth you'll find staring back from this world's utmost depths." Which is the lowest point of the Everfall and thus the world. Once there if the Arisen fails to defeat the Seneschal they transform into the dragon.

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Dragon's Dogma
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Character Quotes:

"If you sought to live, you had naught but run and hide yourself away. But then, tell me, child of man… What dose it mean to live, in truth?" –Grigori

"Some welcome the end with arms outstretched, while others come to face death incarnate, arms in hand. Still my heart and you stay the coming end. Another path before you… Is to offer up that which you hold most dear. Wealth and power are sweet anodyne for heartache. You’ll not gainsay my terms are more than generous." –Grigori

"Know the frailty of the works of man. This hold once stood proud and firm… ‘Twas the fool’s decision of a man too weak that brought it down." –Grigori

"Come, Arisen...forge in my fire the next link in the endless chain... Take hold of what lies beyond. Claim mastery o'er the eternal ring!" –Grigori


Grigori is the name given to the angels referred to as "the watchers" in Biblical mythology. The Dragon's resistance to Holy magic, winged appearance, and the image displayed in the loading screen give it a strong angelic motif within the mythology of Dragon's Dogma.

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