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Left Behind Games
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Inspired Media Entertainment
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Overview - Left Behind Games Inc.
According to the 2011 U.S. Census Bureau, more than 75% of Americans identify themselves as Christians. Left Behind Games Inc. (OTCQB: LFBG) (hereafter referred to as "the "Company" or "our" or "we, "or "us") publishes Christian video games and is a Christian social network provider. Our trade names include Inspired Media Entertainment, LB Games®, Cloud 9 Games® and MyPraize®. We believe that our products are quality interactive and entertainment experiences to perpetuate positive values and appeal to mainstream and faith-based audiences. In January 2011, we were incorporated in Nevada; our Delaware incorporated subsidiary operates in California and was incorporated in August 2002. We intend to complete version 2 of our new social network, MyPraize, for release in September 2011.

Emerging Business and New Market Segment
Management believes that just as Christian music has grown in popularity; games and the social media platforms represent the next growth markets in Christian media, following Christian books, radio, television, music, and films.

Our Mission
Left Behind Games Inc. is a publicly-traded exclusive publisher of Christian modern media. It is the world leader in the publication of Christian video games and a Christian social network provider. Trade names include Inspired Media Entertainment, LB Games®, Cloud 9 Games® and MyPraize®. The company and its subsidiaries produce quality interactive experiences including entertainment products that perpetuate positive values and appeal to faith-based and mainstream audiences.

Management Team and Board of Directors

Troy A. Lyndon , Chairman and CEO, has over 25 years' experience in the management and development of software projects, including computer and video game products including Batman, Street Fighter, Defender of the Crown, ESPN Baseball, NHL Hockey and the first 3D Madden Football game. Mr. Lyndon is also a recipient of the coveted Entrepreneur of the Year award from Inc. Magazine, Merrill Lynch and Ernst & Young. He has also served many ministries and Christian publishers, including the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association, Campus Crusade for Christ, Tyndale and Biblesoft, in the development of multimedia presentations, CD-ROMs, DVDs, and retail products. From December 1993 to February 1997, he served as CEO of Studio Arts Multimedia, Inc. where he managed and developed multiple video game projects. From December 1988 to October 1993, Mr. Lyndon served as President of Park Place Productions, which became North America's largest independent developer of video games.

Craig Hewitt, (current consultant) who becomes Vice President Corporate Finance on July 10, 2011, has many years of financial and public company experience. Mr. Hewitt has previously been with the following: CFO/VP of Finance of: (1) Surrex Solutions Corporation, (2) Accupoll Holding Corporation and (3) Universal Broadband Networks. Also, in a three year period as Controller at Compreview, Mr. Hewitt built his department from 3 employees to 25.

James B. Frakes, former Chief Financial Officer (now consultant), has 25 years of experience in finance. He is currently the Chief Financial Officer for Athlon Medical, Inc. (OTCQB: AEMD), and previously spent 15 years as the CFO of four emerging growth publicly held companies. Before LB Games, Mr. Frakes was the CFO of NTN Buzztime Inc., an interactive game company. Prior to his CFO experiences, Mr. Frakes was a manager at an investment banking firm specializing in later stage venture capital and leveraged buyout transactions. Mr. Frakes holds an MBA from the University of Southern California and a Bachelor of Arts degree from Stanford University.

Kevin Hoekman, Executive Director Product Development, is also the Sr. Producer of the Left Behind PC Game series and the Executive Director of Product Development. Kevin has more than 12 years experience in the production of video games and over 16 years of management experience. His production credits include producing critically acclaimed, award-winning titles such as Freedom Force, Spellforce and Silent Storm. Prior to joining LB Games, Kevin produced over 30 PC games and 200 other SKUs from 2003 to 2006 for Encore Software including the Hoyle game series and Sacred.

Richard Knox, Sr., Director, Richard Knox is a seasoned businessman, former nuclear physicist, software developer, Pastor, and founder and President of Ohana Haven Ministries in the State of Hawaii. Mr. Knox started his career off earning his B.S. Engineering Physics at the University of Illinois and shortly thereafter, began working for Lawrence Livermore Laboratory while continuing his education for another 3 years attending the Graduate School of Engineering Sciences with the University of California. Mr. Knox served the Laboratory for 17 years working on numerous government programs as a Containment Scientist for nuclear underground tests, where he was responsible for the supervision of up to 500 engineers and approval of all equipment fielded for nuclear-device emplacement at the Nevada Test Site. After retiring from the Laboratory, Mr. Knox started his own software development and publishing business and creating consumer CAD software. Thereafter, he joined his son and Mr. Lyndon in the 90s, to develop games at North America's largest independent developer of video games, Park Place Productions, where he was in charge of 80 personnel, overseeing all game production while managing communications and negotiations with clients. Since that time, Richard has relocated to Oahu, Hawaii to pursue personal interests, including the oversight of a ministry and most recently, Pastor of his own congregation.

Richard Knox, Jr., Director, Richard Knox, Jr. is a seasoned developer and is currently engaged on-staff with the Hawaii Department of Education. Mr. Knox has been a prolific multimedia developer his entire life and was originally a CAD software designer before joining the original team in the early 90's that became North America's largest independent development company of video games, Park Place Productions, which he built alongside his father Richard Knox, Sr., his brother Michael Knox and Troy Lyndon.

Source: Developer site

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