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The Game Crafter, LLC
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TheGameCrafter, LLC
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The Game Crafter, LLC (TGC) is the world's first web-to-print game publisher with a print on demand game publishing system. Launched in July 2009, TGC allows game designers to make a board game, card game, or custom playing cards through a web-based game wizard.

How it works:

  1. Upload the game artwork & rules to the TGC website
  2. Choose game pieces and parts to include in your game
  3. Select a packaging option
  4. Order 1 copy or as many as you need
  5. Optional: Self-publish your game in our online shop

Visit for a guided tutorial.

Self-publishing your game through the TGC online shop
If a game designer wishes to sell their game in the shop, there are no upfront costs and the designer keeps full ownership rights to the game. Designers set the retail price and receive 70% of the profit from sales. TGC keeps 30% of the profit to cover the costs of staff and running the site. Royalties are paid weekly and a designer can un-publish the game from the shop at any time.

Kickstarter promotion & fulfillment services
If you are launching a Kickstarter campaign for your game, be sure to look at The Game Crafter's Crowd Funding Promotion and Bulk Order Fulfillment services! Our print on demand process makes thing easy for you. Just submit your spreadsheet with your backer information and we'll print and ship the games! This means you won't have to spend days individually shipping rewards to your backers!

Purchase affordable game art from our Game Design Assets Shop!
Do you need artwork for the game you're designing? Our new Game Design Assets Shop at has over 300 sets of illustrations, card designs, currency, and icons for sale. Most of the art is sold under our standard commercial license, that gives you the rights to do almost anything you want with the assets, except resell them yourself. This gives you flexibility to use the images to build your game, promote it, and even sell it. You'll find the assets are very affordable and that we provide contact info for the artists if you wish to commission more from them.

Purchase game pieces in any quantity!
The Game Crafter is a great place for board game designers to purchase game parts. With over 2,005 game pieces and parts in stock, we have an excellent selection of dice, pawns, miniatures, pewter miniatures, meeples, card stands, tokens, sand timers, spinners, bags, poker chips, glass gems, currency, vintage game parts, and much more! Volume discounts are displayed on each product page and the discount is automatically calculated during checkout. If you need game pieces and parts, The Game Crafter is the place to buy them and there's never a minimum order quantity! Buy 1 game piece or as many as you need.

The Game Crafter produces the following items:

Deck Box NEW (8.45" x 4.170" x 3.18" Custom Printed 70pt Chipboard Box.) 3 versions available with costs from $5-9/each. )
Large Stout Box NEW (11" x 11" x 3" Custom Printed 70pt Chipboard Box.) 4 versions available with costs from $8-24/each. )
Custom Printed Poker Envelopes NEW
Custom Acrylic Shapes NEW (100% custom plastic board game pieces that you design)
Custom Printed Meeples NEW
Custom Printed Stickers NEW
Custom Printed Neoprene Game Mats (aka Playmats) NEW
Custom Printed Full Color D6 Dice NEW
Custom Printed Foil Sealed Booster Packs NEW
Custom Printed Booster Boxes
Custom Punchouts
Custom Laser Etched Dice
Custom Poker-size cards All cards printed on the same premium 305gsm black core cardstock that Magic: The Gathering uses!
Custom Playing Cards
Custom Printed Dials
Custom Printed Meeple Stickers
Custom Printed Double-Sided Chits
Custom Printed Double-Sided Tiles
Custom Printed Chipboard Game Boards
Custom Printed Tuck Boxes
Custom Printed Booster Packs
Custom Printed Game Boxes
Custom Printed Game Booklets
Custom Printed Score Pads
Custom Printed Game Mats
Custom Printed GM Screens
Custom Printed Tokens
Custom Printed Tarot Cards

The Game Crafter also offers Blank Cards, Tiles, Tuck Boxes, Game Boards and other components and these are great for prototyping games!

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