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PlayStation 4
PlayStation 4 500GB (Third Release/CUH-1200 model)
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North America
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The PS4 CUH-1200 model comes in both black and white. There are some other, minor exterior changes, including the arrangement of ports and screws at the back of the console. The power and eject buttons are now mechanical instead of digital. Instead of the glossy cover seen in the old one, the new model has the same mate finish as the rest of the console.

  • The CUH-1200 weighs 10% less than the old model (from 2.8 KG to 2.5 KG)
  • It consumes 8% less power (from 250 W to 230 W)
  • It’s 6db quieter than the old model
  • It has half the memory chips, which is the biggest contributor to the lower power usage