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Link Archer
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From Publisher: Link™ is the main character in The Legend of Zelda™ games. A young boy living in Hyrule, Link is often given the task of rescuing Princess Zelda™ and Hyrule from the Gerudo thief Ganondorf. Humble to the end, Link is known not merely as a hero but as a symbol of courage, strength and wisdom as well.

Potential Rewards:
Chest: Falcon Bow, Royal Bow, Knight’s Bow, Soldier’s Bow, Traveler’s Bow, Bomb Arrow x5, Shock Arrow x5, Ice Arrow x5, Fire Arrow x5
Other: Hyrule Bass, Staminoka Bass, Chillfin Trout, Sizzlefin Trout, Voltfin Trout, Stealthfin Trout, Mighty Carp, Armored Carp, Mighty Porgy, Armored Porgy, Raw Meat, Raw Prime Meat, Raw Bird Drumstick, Raw Bird Thigh, Hearty Bass, Hearty Salmon, Raw Gourmet Meat, Raw Whole Bird, Arrow x5