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Zelda (Super Smash Bros.)
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From Publisher:
Zelda is the princess of Hyrule and the namesake of The Legend of Zelda games. Her appearance may change, but she always plays an important role. She knows much about the Triforce; in fact, the only person who likely knows more about Triforce lore is Ganondorf himself, whom Zelda evaded in Ocarina of Time by transforming into her alter ego, Sheik.

Exclusives: Twilight Bow
Chest: Royal Bow, Knight’s Bow, Soldier’s Bow, Traveler’s Bow, Star Fragment, Diamond, Sapphire, Ruby, Topaz, Luminous Stone, Opal, Amber
Other: Hyrule Herb, Cool Safflina, Warm Safflina, Electric Safflina, Swift Carrot, Swift Violet, Mighty Thistle, Armoranth, Fortified Pumpkin, Blue Nightshade, Hearty Radish, Big Hearty Radish, Endura Carrot, Silent Princess