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Tactical Studies Series
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Publisher documentation (series user manual)

The Tactical Study Series (TSS) is a set of tactical level combat simulations. It is the most detailed, accurate, and overall realistic combat simulation ever produced for the commercial market, and in some ways for the professional military as well. It was partially developed under contracts from the US Air Force Office of Scientific Research (USAFOSR), the Naval Postgraduate School, Center for Army Analysis, and Space Command.

While it is certainly an exacting simulation, the TSS are games as well. Each player, be they human or computer (known as AI for Artificial Intelligence), commands one of the two opposing forces. The forces can be of any size, but are generally intended to be between a battalion and a brigade in strength. Human players assume the position of the Task Force Commander of one of the forces, and by default issue orders and receive information based on that position in the chain-of-command, rather than as someone on the “front line”. In other words, by default the player is the colonel, not the gunner in a tank.

The TSS is a complex simulation, but playing it doesn’t have to be. It includes many extensive AI functions that can perform almost any task that a player doesn’t want to do, from determining movement paths, to targeting, to calling for fire support missions.

Let the computer do as much as it can at the beginning, especially by using auto-targeting (the default) and movement by formation until the system becomes comfortable.

The TSS uses a very straightforward system for issuing orders, as evidenced by the lack of buttons and menu choices on the main form. In fact, most of the buttons and menu choices are for “housekeeping” functions, loading and saving games, and changing the display.

To give orders or perform an action either on the map or bring up the Staff Officer screen. The TSS is an extremely realistic combat simulation, in that events happen outside a player’s control, and often his knowledge as well. Additionally, some events may not happen as quickly as might be expected and units may require
time to execute orders.

The TSS has great depth, and virtually anything that can be done in the real world can also be done in the game. Structures can be built and demolished, roads can be constructed and ripped up, bridges built and destroyed, terrain set on fire or cratered.

KEEP IT SIMPLE at first by using the “Novice Player” Expert Level setting to keep the options manageable.

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Release Date 2011-12-09
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