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Video Game
Arcana Heart 3
English/European Xbox 360 (Sugoi Oppai Fans Edition) edition
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User Summary:

Sold only through PQube's online store directly. Identical to Xbox 360 Deluxe Edition but also includes a mousemat with breasts(!)

Product Description:
Let robotic, Kung-Fu mistress, Mei-Fang, soothe away your combo-induced aches and pains with her LUXURY WRIST PILLOWS. Nestle your tired wrist between her SUMPTUOUS SILICON MOUNDS for a mouse-shifting experience that must be felt to be believed! The SUGGOI OPPAI Fans Edition is limited to just 500 pieces and contains: Mei Fang Super 3D Boobie Mousemat PLUS! The Arcana Heart 3 Fans Edition, including Arcana Heart 3 on PS3 or Xbox 360, the original, 144 page Japanese Arcana Heart 3 artbook, arcana Heart 3 Official Soundtrack exclusive to this Limited Edition set, 12 character guide cards, featuring artwork and command listings for Arcana Heart’s extensive character and Arcana roster. Now coming with a special keyring!!!

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