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Description Edit | History

Kyle Petty's No Fear Racing was released in Japan as Circuit USA (サーキットUSA) by Virgin Interactive. The tracks are stripped of their realism, giving them more of a the feel of an open wheel racing game rather than the feel of an authentic NASCAR game. Furthermore, its graphics are much cruder than the American version: in track crossings, there are no visible bridges or elevation effects.

In the American version, Kyle Petty is mentioned by name. The Japanese version simply mentions Petty by the number (42) that he used for his race car during the 1995 NASCAR season. Kyle Petty was not considered to be notable in Japan so his name was not used in the Japanese version. However, Kyle Petty is a recognized NASCAR celebrity in North America so his name was stuck on the title of the game with little or no authorization from Kyle Petty himself. Because No Fear was Kyle Petty's sponsor during the development of the video game, it was included with Kyle Petty in the North American version only.

Like Kyle Petty, No Fear was also excluded from the Japanese version because the brand did not have any notability in Japan during the early to mid 1990s.

Source: Wikipedia, "Kyle Petty's No Fear Racing", available under the CC-BY-SA License.

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