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Duke Nukem: Total Meltdown
North American Windows edition
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Box description:

Want to build a bad-ass alien? Create a world of complete chaos? Total Meltdown is all you need to take Duke Nukem 3D to the next level.

Go crazy with killer animation and sounds. Get medieval with the easy-to-use tools to customize and create your own nightmare levels. Go postal on any level at the speed of light with the browser. Total Meltdown is a munitions factory of action that you create. Plug it in, crank it up and hold on for the shock waves.


-Free Levels: Over 500 all new, ass-kickin' back breakin' levels devised by Duke's most devious and twisted fans.

-Level Customizer: Hundreds of new textures, animations and sounds are at your command. Build, edit, personalize, and go crazy with loads of added extras.

-New Characters: 35 new face-chomping characters add to the challenge of staying alive.

-Head-To-Head: Includes thrilling death-match levels for multi-player action - plus mega-tons of single player levels to play against the computer.

-Browser: Makes learning about levels, previewing maps and screen shots as easy as getting nailed by a bomb.

-Rated Levels: No more blind levels. Each has been carefully graded on difficulty, style and playability.

-Bonus Free Demos: Includes free, demos for 3-D Ultra Pinball - Trophy Bass - Shivers - RAMA - Phantasmagoria II: A Puzzle of Flesh - Print Artist 3.0.

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