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Left Behind: Eternal Forces
North American Windows edition
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Box Description:


Don't Be Left Behind.

-Invite up to 7 friends to play for FREE online.

-Witness spectacular visual effects as mysteries are unveiled

-Defend yourself from the forces of the Antichrist

-Defend against the spiritual influences and physical warfare of the antichrist's army through the power of prayer and worship.

-Control more than 30 unit types, each developed with unique attributes and special abilities... and witness Angelic appearances and Demonic battles as a direct result of your choices.

-Command your forces through the streets of New York in one of the most realistic recreations ever seen in a video game.

-No online subscription fees for online mulitplayer games. Choose to play as the Tribulations Force or as the forces of the Antichrist with up to 7 friends for FREE!

-Featuring original soundtrack by award-winning composer Chance Thomas (King Kong, X-Men, Lord Of The Rings)

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