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Cartoon Network Racing
North American Nintendo DS edition
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There is one driver on their own kart. In the DS version, there are 20 characters, the Powerpuff Girls have separate karts. Their karts are similar to their PS2 karts. There are 16 courses. The characters each have one toon power. 1-8 players are available in this version. There are a total of 20 characters in the game in total, each coming from 6 shows on Cartoon Network.

There are 16 courses in total. Each course has a toon coin to find. Some are themed for cartoon shows.
Aron City Speedway
Death Rally
Desert Island Dash
Cow and Chicken's Track and Field
Natural parkway
Dexter's Laboratory
Snow Sunday Drive
Townsville Raceway
Middle of Nowhere
Wild West Backlot
Evil Glade
Strange Alien Race
Cross Townsville Traffic
Mount Rush Much More
Outer Space Chase
Mandark's Laboratory

In the DS version, the toons have their own toon powers. You can use them when the toon power bar fills up. They are:
Courage the cowardly dog: Shriek power. He lets off a scream that disturbs the other characters momentarially.
Cow: Super cow. A power that gives you extra speed and a strong shield.
Chicken: I believe I can fly. A power that allows you to fly above the rest of the race in a flutter of feathers.
I.M Weasel: Super style. A power that lets the kart drive itself and gives you invincibility.
Johnny Bravo: Kung Fu Moves. It allows you to bust out Kung Fu moves on the person next to you.
Dexter: Deometizer ray. It shrinks everybody down so you can overtake them.
Blossom: Freeze Breath. It allows you to freeze your opponents for a couple of seconds.
Buttercup:laser eyes. It is a shot of laser coming from her eyes, and it will give them a shock.
Bubbles: Sonic shriek. With this power, she lets off a disturbing scream thet makes karts around her go in a spin.
I.R. Baboon: Banana attack. Banana peels slip up opponents behind you.
Muriel: Oh Dear! A shield power that accelerates your speed.
Suzy: Girl scout cookies. She spits cookies at her opponents and makes them come closer, much like the big magnet power up.
Mojo Jojo: Chemical X. He drinks Chemical X and becomes enlarged.
Mandark: Confusion ray. A ray that confuses your opponents, making them spin out of control.
Eustace: Ooga Booga. He wears a mask that scares the other racers.
Dee Dee: Girly Power. She flies in a flutter of flowers and flies above everyone else, much like chicken's power.
Professor Utonium: Fusion boosters. Like I.M Weasel's power, this power allows the kart to drive itself for a little while.
Bunny Bravo: Leave the lady be. A sheld, like Cow's and Muriel's.
The Red Guy: Ridiculous Rocket. Like I.M Weasel and the Professor's, this toon power allows the kart to drive itself.
Him: Evil eyes: A laser that causes confusion and allows you to pass other racers.

Source: Wikipedia, "Cartoon Network Racing", available under the CC-BY-SA License.