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Montezuma's Return
Australian Windows edition
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From the back of the box

Max Montezuma, daring adventurer and rumoured descendant of the legendary Aztec emperor. Our hero must discover the secrets of a lost civilisation while stranded on an uncharted tropical island. As the plot unfolds by completing a series of nine immense levels and claiming all the treasures within, the player can restore the desecrated tomb of his legendary ancestor thereby lifting the curse of the ancients. Montezuma's Return! A first-person real-time 3D action adventure game. Featuring real-time immersive 3D graphics and fast intensive gameplay, all spiced with a comic humour. Stunning graphics in 65,000 colours with standard SVGA cards. Designed to be played in a true 3D perspective - where you have to look and move in every direction. Challenging 3D puzzles.

Note that The AU and European editions are identical, with a different rating sticker.

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