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Acrobat Mission
Japanese Super Famicom edition
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Description Edit | History

Acrobat Mission was ported from the Arcades to the Super Famicom. However, major changes were made as a result.
2 player mode was disabled.
Pilot selection between Jet or Nova was omitted from the beginning of the game.
The graphics were also downgraded a bit during the port as the SFC version processed certain effects (such as explosions) slower.
The mechanical enemy fortress as well as some of the enemies and bosses were re-colored while the final boss saw a partial redesign.
The effectiveness of the weapons were downgraded somewhat as the Hurricane weapon is faulty even when fully powered up in the SFC version; when fully powered up in the Arcade version, the charge weapons took up 75% of the screen.
The sound effects were almost completely replaced in the SFC port, such as the voice in the arcade version saying the name of the weapon the player picks up.
The original ending was completely removed from the SFC version and replaced with a simple screen of scrolling text, which congratulates the player and includes a new ending song that was not present in the arcade version. However, even though the original ending sequence was removed, the original ending music is still present and can be accessed in the sound test.

Source: Wikipedia, "Acrobat Mission", available under the CC-BY-SA License.

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