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Spot Goes to Hollywood
North American Saturn edition
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Watch out! Faster than you can say blockbuster, you're not just at the movies-SPOT's got you in them. Trying to outrun boulders in a treasure cave, Out-race giant eels and sharks who want to send you to a watery grave. And out-shoot evil aliens from a galaxy not so far, far away. Brought to you in 3-D so real, you can feel Count Dracula's cold, clammy breath on your neck. The good news? You get to star in 20 levels of all the cinematic action and danger you can handle. The bad news? You don't have a stunt double.

  • Take center stage in 20 absolutely gigantic Tinsel Town levels.
  • Multiple hidden passages take you to 100+ secret bonus areas, including The Wild West, Prehistoric Times and The Future World of Sci-Fi.
  • 360-degree isometric viewpoint lets you direct the action.
  • Fantastic hyper-real 3-D animation blended with traditional cel animation combined with sensurround sound and blasting music-made for your console system.
  • You're enemies are a cast of hundreds: from spiders to piranhas, nutty natives to wild wolves and psycho pumpkins.

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