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Battle of the Bulge

iOS App


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Battle of the Bulge
iOS edition
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Battle of the Bulge has, uniquely for our hobby, been developed for the iPad. There are no plans for a paper version though one will be made available to Kickstarter contributors.

It's an area control game simulating the clash between the American and German forces in the Ardennes.

Taking full advantage of the iPads power, screen and processing ability has allowed the developers to introduce multiple layers of complexity that would be cumbersome, if not impossible in a traditional paper boardgame. Ensuring the game was recognisable and deep enough for wargame fans but was immediatly accessible enough to bring new blood to the hobby.

It includes multiple AI personalities for solo play and features Pass the Pad and online Asynchronous abilities, contains an extensive history of the battle, including a day by day narrative, many dozens of archive photos and a number of specially drawn maps.

Described by PocketTactics as "..the most important iOS game yet"

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