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Video Game
Star Trek III.3
TRS-80 edition
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From Admiral Fitzpatrick -

You are to enter and explore the Omega VI region of the galaxy, gather information on other inhabitable planetary systems you may encounter and defend yourself against hostiles in case of attack. You are in command of the Starship ENTERPRISE and her ship's complement of 371 officers and crew. Omega VI is composed of 192 quadrants containing star systems and planets (a few habitable). Information on Omega VI is sketchy, but astronomical hazards such as pulsars, Class O stars and black holes are known to be present in the region. It is also patrolled by Klingon battle cruisers, so look before you leap.

Specs: Star Trek III.3

Play Board: 8 by 8 by 3 quadrants
Weapons Systems: Phasers and Photon Torpedoes
Power Systems: Warp and Impulse
Computer Systems: Science and Ship's computer
Sensors: Long and Short Range
Reports: Damage Control and Status
Play Elements: 20 Klingon battle cruisers, 100 stars and planets, black holes, pulsars

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