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Video Game
Roland on the Ropes
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From the Sleeve:

You have entered into a vast and dark mysterious tomb. You find yourself right at the lowest level of the tomb and must endeavour to find your way through the maze to the top, encountering many hostile beings who are out to get you. Be brave and fearless as you climb your way through the numerous levels but BEWARE.....

Your strength will fade as you are confronted with monsters, acid drops, mummies, rats, skeletons, ghosts and vampires. Your strength is monitored at the bottom of the screen together with other information.

Being the intrepid Roland, you are able to jump over the rats to escape them, and to defend yourself you can shoot at the mummies, skeletons or vampires, inevitably killing them. But shooting the ghosts merely frightens them away and there is no escape from them. Your only means of gaining strength is by collecting the vases full of Life Elixir hidden on the tomb floors or accumulating more bullets.

Be on your guard as chameleons dart up and down the walls next to your rope. You can pass them without losing strength if you climb the rope on the opposite side, but the cunning chameleons can change sides!

You are awarded points if you succeed in killing monsters or collecting treasures plus a bonus when your final destination is reached and you are FREE!

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