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Rival Megagun
North American PlayStation 4 edition
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First Press Games store description - Transform into your Mega Gunship to blast your rivals head-on in this unique shooting game with a competitive twist: Rival Megagun is a split-screen versus shoot 'em up in which you can transform into a gigantic boss to invade your opponent's screen.

Versus-Shoot em' Ups are a rare genre to find across all console libraries to begin with - but on top of that, the mechanics and gameplay of Rival Megagun are one of the best among all. And this title is definitely not only for die-hard fans of Arcade shooters - more casual players will enjoy the fun and competitive couch-multiplayer with their friends just as much as any genre-veteran!

Game features:

Classic Shoot em' Up-action with a competitive twist
Intense 2-player "couch-multiplayer" for local versus battles
Online mode for challenging your friends or find opponents via matchmaking
Single-player arcade mode with online leaderboards
Multiple playable heroes, each with unique weapons and boss transformation
Unlockable gear and weapons for customizing your ships
This beautiful Collector's Edition of Rival Megagun will please even the most committed collectors and fans. Its well-crafted box features a special coated surface with metallic and varnish highlights and measures about 32cm in height and 24cm in width. It opens like a drawer box and holds all contents in place.

The highlight of this edition will be a tournament boardgame that can be used to further enrich the experience of couch multiplayer for rounds of 4 players or more. It comes with a tournament grid, meeples of the characters and a replica of the ingame trading card game with actual effects to change the flow of the tournament! Many more awesome merch is included, including a premium soundtrack and hardcover artbook.

The Playstation 4 Collector's Edition is limited to 500 copies

premium box with item tray
gold-colored coin (numbered)
Base Game:
cover sheet with interior art
game on Blu-ray
64 page English manual
DIN B5 sized
high-quality hardback cover
100+ content-rich color pages
Tournament Boardgame:
boardgame box
replicas of the 40 in-game trading cards, with playable effects
tournament grid board
character meeples
instruction sheet
CD Soundtrack:
Original & Mega sound version on CD
premium jewel case
12 page booklet
reversible inlay & spine card (OBI)
2 clear files with print extras:

DIN A2 double sided poster
2x DIN A4 magazine page prints
alternate cover sheet and manual for swap-out