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From the game box:

Battlefront is SSG's all new combat simulation system, recreating battalion level combat in WWII. Four intense battles cover a wide range of combat conditions.

Attempt the almost perfect combination required for an Allied win at Market Garden. Exploit the vast possibilities of sweeping desert warfare in Gazala. Experience the harsh realities of island fighting in Saipan. Fight your way off the beaches in Novorossisk.

The new Battlefront system allows the player to experience true issues of command, control, sighting and supply, giving the player plenty of tough decisions to make every single turn. The combat system provides new and varied ways to damage your opponent with provisions for direct and indirect fire, airstrikes, and special, historically-accurate combat modes (such as Japanese Banzai attacks).

A special innovation in Battlefront is the Off-Map movement system. Players can move units in special off-map areas and bring them back onto the map at points of their choosing. Your opponent will never know exactly where and when your men will arrive.

Battlefront's AI system is a vast improvement over its predecessors and was designed from scratch for the Battlefront system. The AI, along with all other game parameters can be user controlled through the included Map and Scenario Editor allowing anybody to make or mod their own scenarios.

With its new features, exciting scenarios and great flexibility, Battlefront is the best game yet in SSG's long and distinguished history of land warfare simulations.

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