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Video Game
Front Lines
NA DOS edition
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From the back of the game box:

It's the year 2020.
The New Age meets man's oldest profession: WAR.

The future of combat is now.
In the future you may have lasers, hovertanks, and powered armor, but do you have the skill to command these forces to victory? If it's total control you want, we've got it. In a turn-based, detailed create-your-own, hex wargame that blows out the competition with astonishing SVGA graphics and sound effects that will rattle your cage.

With Front Lines' scenario builder and unit editor you take control. The fun begins with your own home-brewed scenario or one of the dozen provided. Crack open a beer, unleash the dogs of war, and watch the lead fly! Command your units across stunningly detailed terrain and sit back as the body count grows.

We're talking pure tactical fun here. Simple to learn but complex enough to keep armchair generals mumbling "Just one more turn..." at 3:00 AM. With Front Lines, we're pushing the envelope of head-to-head wargaming. Can you handle it?

The standard wargame just got a whole new set of standards.


  • 256 color SVGA graphics
  • Tactical, turn-based hex wargame
  • Full scenario builder & unit editor
  • 14 types of near-future military hardware
  • Fully animated movement and combat
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