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Video Game
Conflict: Korea
NA Amiga
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From the game manual:

CONFLICT: KOREA is a game for one or two players. Players will assume the roles of overall military commanders of Communist or United Nations forces during the mobile phase of the Korean conflict, or during the first four months of a hypothetical conflict occuring in the immediate future. Each game turn represents about eight days of action. The military units in the game represent formations ranging in size from battalions to divisions. Air units are wings or groups of from 25 to 100 aircraft. Ground combat units may be examined to the level of individual infantry platoons, vehicles, or gun tubes.

User Summary:

Typical of SSI wargames of the 1980s and 1990s, CONFLICT: KOREA includes a colorful game box and manual, with a concise explanation of all aspects of the games. The manual includes many charts tables and Orders of Battle.

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