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Video Game
The Complete Carriers at War
NA DOS edition
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User Summary:

Unlike the Australian release, the US release does not come with a box. The buyer receives a printed manual and a CD-ROM.

Introduction from the game manual:

The Complete Carriers at War is the final instalment in our series of games covering the great air-naval battles of the Second World War. It brings together all the Pacific and Southeast Asia scenarios from Carriers at War I and II, as well as the numerous additional scenarios published in our Run 5 magazine.

Furthermore, we have included the Construction Kit, revised to include a handy - and much demanded - utility for importing data on Ship Classes and Plane Types. Using the construction kit, you can create new variants for existing scenarios; indeed, you can create original scenarios! Ship listings for Germany, Italy, France and Russia are also included. A complete set of unpacked graphic files (.lbm format) are included in a separate library to assist would-be scenario creators. And finally, we have added a swag of new, exciting scenarios - historical and hypothetical - from the European Theatre of Operations. You get your chance to sink the Bismark!

The Complete Carriers at War upgrades, expands and replaces all previous titles in the series in one conveniently presented CD-ROM package. It is a terrific value.

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