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Front Line Fighters
NA DOS/Win95 CD-ROM edition
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User Summary:

The rather large Front Line Fighters box containes 3 simulators, each of which can be customized from very realistic to practically arcade mode:

  • Apache or Apache Longbow (Europeon Title)
  • Hind or HIND: The Russian Combat Helicopter Simulation (US title)
  • F16 Fighting Falcon or iF-16: The Definitive Simulation of the F-16 Fighting Falcon (Full title for the US release)

and one expansion:

  • F-16 Fighting Falcon: The Afghanistan Campaign

All releases in this box were updated with improved terrain and textured maps with support for 3Dfx accelerator cards. The two helicopter simulations, Apache and Hind, have new clouds and fog effects.

The box contained some thin paper manuals, a note that the (full) manual is on the CDs and a separate installation manual for both DOS and Windows 95.

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