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Video Game
Civilization III: Conquests
NA Win98/Me/2000/XP edition
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From the back of the box:

Expand Your Civilization!

Experience a provocative journey through the ages in the most famous conquests of history. Now you can build even more incredible empires with over 250 improvements to the classic Civ experience. Updated multiplayer modes and 9 full-featured Conquests complete what Time magazine calls "the greatest computer strategy game of all time".

Conquest Features:

  • More to Explore. Over 80 technology advances to discover, from Stone Working to Armored Tactics.
  • More to Build. Over 60 city improvements and Wonders, from Burial Mounds to the Statue of Zeus.
  • More to Fight. Over 50 units under your command, including Mayan Javelin Throwers, Portugese Carracks and Swiss Mercenaries.
  • More Ways to Rule. Civil Engineers. Fascist Governments. Police forces. Enslavement.
  • More to CIV!
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