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Video Game
Cool World
North American NES edition
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Cool World is an action-oriented NES video game that is loosely based on the movie Cool World. In this port of the Super NES classic, the Popper Police don't arrest the player. Instead, they instantly kill him when their police cruiser has been touched. These Popper Police could be considered in-game to be the more corrupt elements under Holli's influence; they were given orders to exterminate their former leader.

The player controls Detective Frank Harris (as opposed to playing as Jack Deebs in the Super NES version). As Frank Harris, the player must navigate through four different levels and stop Holli Would while collecting coins and shooting at rogue Doodles (cartoon figures). Games take place in a semi-3D enivronment; diagonal movement is prohibited due to the limitation of the control system.

Unlike the movie, being killed by Doodle doesn't turn the character into a Doodle; he goes into a downward spinning death animation and loses a life.

Source: Wikipedia, "Cool World (NES)", available under the CC-BY-SA License.

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