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Video Game
World Class Track Meet
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User Summary

World Class Track Meet is a game for the Nintendo Entertainment System. It is a rerelease of the earlier NES title Stadium Events and is considerably less rare. Although Bandai developed and produced the original game all mention of the company was removed when Nintendo bought the rights and released it for their Power Pad accessory. The World Class Track Meet version would go on to be released in several single cart compilations.

Wikipedia on the Versions

Both of the games available in the US for the Family Fun Fitness mat were retooled and relabeled to reflect compatibility with the Power Pad instead. Athletic World's label and manual were changed slightly, replacing Family Fun Fitness verbiage with Power Pad wording. The box for Athletic World was changed completely, making the original box and manual a collector's item. A complete copy of the original Bandai Athletic World game rarely surfaces. Some collectors believe there are less than 500 complete copies of the game. Stadium Events, however, was not similarly modified and re-released, but was instead recalled and distributed under an entirely different title, World Class Track Meet, in late 1988. The games are identical in gameplay and content, except for title changes within the game to reflect the new name.

Source: Wikipedia, "Stadium Events", available under the CC-BY-SA License.

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