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Video Game
Rules of Engagement 2
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From the back of the game box:

In Rules of Engagement 2, you are the Fleet Commander of the Federated Worlds Armed Forces (FWAF) main task force. The war with the United Democratic Planets (UDP) has escalated, and hostile alien spacecraft have been discovered in the Local Group. In charge of a fleet of starships, you must engage enemy vessels and hostile outposts in order to protect the Federated Worlds. You begin at the rank of Lieutenant Commander, but decoration and promotion are possible upon meeting the FWAF's objectives.

Construction Kit

Rules of Engagement 2 is customizable. You can design and revise virtually every component of the game:

  • Create you own missions
  • Link you missions into tree-structured campaigns
  • Construct your own fleet and captains, solar systems and alien factions
  • Adjust 18 personality traits to determine the physical and mental capabilites of the captains under your command, and the enemy forces they will face
  • Design your own animations using PC Animate Plus (available separately) and link them into your campaigns

Interlocking Game System

Rules of Engagement 2 is the latest module in Omnitrend's Interlocking Game System (IGS) series, enabling you to seamlessly interconnect with Breach 2 or Breach 3. Fight battles with Breach 2 or Breach 3, where all experience gained is automatically transferred back to your Fleet Commander's record.


  • Experience over 30 missions within the 4 tree-structured campaigns included in the game, or create your own!
  • Customize the easy-to-learn interface by selecting which 4 of the 28 available QuadPanels appear at any given time
  • Watch each captain under your command respond individually to your orders, according to their own personality
  • Enhance play with additional information from extensive digitized speech (AdLib, Sound Blaster and compatible sounds cards only)
  • Advance your Fleet Commander from mission to mission and campaign to campaign, gaining experience and rank as you progress
  • Enjoy 256-color animated sequences featuring 3D rendered spaceships (IBM PC only)
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