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Video Game
Bad Day on the Midway
US PC/Mac edition
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From the Game Manual / Box

From the minute you wake up, the world is not quite right.

A power blackout has caused your alarm to go off an hour late, the last piece of bread burns in the toaster and there's no milk for your coffee. Immediately after breaking a shoestring, you discover a stain on the favorite shirt your wearing to an important lunch date. When four total strangers say, "You look tired" on the way to work, you realize that it's not going to get any better.

Sooner or later it happens to everyone, but most bad days don't include the possibilities of plague death, being stalked by a psychotic killer and having the family business shut down by the IRS. It may be true that no one escapes death and taxes, but seldom does anyone deal with both on the same day.

While the Residents' Bad Day on the Midway may be a little more extreme than most, it's goal is the same as any other bad day: SURVIVAL!

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