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Version 3.0 (2001-02-25)

- '3D' looking ships
- 136 different types of ship
- Up to 80 ships per side
- Ability for players to design their own ships and missions
- 6 missile types
- New graphics for background planets, galaxies, explosions and smoke
- Surviving ships in your squadron are used again in the next mission
- Ships can hyperspace to safety
- Larger playing area

Version 4.0 (2004-10-18)

- New graphics
- Updated gameplay
- Squadron chatter
- Extra ship objects: Stealth and Repair Bots
- Squadron summary bar gives you an indication if your ships are damaged
- Squadron orders
- Everything is on a single main window
- Extra features in the Mission Editor: probability area, minimum rank required, wormhole and coloniser objects
- You can Import and Export ships in the ship editor to .SHP files so that you can download other people's designs
- You can view kills made on the mission during the mission instead of just a summary at the end
- You can choose any ships and you're not restricted to one "class"
- You choose a "race" to play as

Source: The Publisher Website.

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