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2013 Newbie PbF Initiative Pre-release

Accompanying discussion thread: Checking the Pulse on ... RPG Geek Play by Forum Initiative - 2013 Edition.

One of the important considerations in setting up this initiative is to have a broad range of games available for players to choose. That's easiest to coordinate before everyone has put in the time to hone their pitches into perfect edges.

The purpose of this page is therefore to collect ideas for what we are all running so that those of us with some flexibility can look for (and fill in!) gaps in game style, genre, etc. If you have an idea what you'd like to run, please add it to the list here, even if you are only in the preliminary stages. Adding to this table is NOT a binding commitment, just a way to share our plans so that we make sure to get a good mix of games.

Potential Games

Use this table to display some of the vital stats of your potential game.

To add yourself, choose the "Edit" link at the top of this page, copy and paste the bottom line of the table, and change the details to match your own. If you don't know the database tags on RPGG, don't worry about it - just type it in plain text and some kind soul will add links later. Or not, it's really not that important.

You do not need to fill in the entire row. If you know you want a horror game but aren't sure what system, just write Horror in the RPG column. That's some information for everyone to use, and the whole purpose is just to help each other.

Adventure (if applicable)
# of Players
Mouse Guard Wired_Wolf Deliver the mail (?) 3-4 Will run a basic patrol, not sure on specifics
Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay (2nd Edition) Wired_Wolf Pretty Things 3-4 Waffles. Not sure I'll do this one.
Savage Worlds Shadow Hexagram Phantom Station 4-5 My 1st SW game, yeah!
Marvel Heroic Roleplaying downeymb 5? X-Men focused
Call of Cthulhu (2nd - 6th Edition) Barad_the_dwarf Finger Biter 4-5 Pretty sure, but not 100%
DSA, AD&D or Pathfinder rules Originaldibbler DSA: Sylvanas Befreiung 3-4 this or below (in English)
Ratten! Originaldibbler Der Kasten des Lebens 4 this or up (in English)
Cosmic Patrol Kwakkie The Kahn Protocol 3 this or below
Iron Kingdoms Full Metal Fantasy Roleplaying Game Kwakkie Fools Rush In or Spirit in Steel 4 this or up
Do: Pilgrims of the Flying Temple Kattvippa 4 I can guide at least two groups
Old School Hack vestige S2: White Plume Mountain 5 Running a loose conversion
The Dresden Files Roleplaying Game lydon Dresden Casefiles 4-5 Casefile: Night Fears again
CallFate 3.0 of Cthulhu lydon Zero Point Part 1: Three Kings (CoC) 4 thinking about this
Dark Heresy Stelio Shattered Hope 5
Pathfinder Roleplaying Game (1st Edition) wavemotion Something Fun! 4-5 I'm excited!
Fiasco Narl [playset yet to be determined] 3-5
Pathfinder Roleplaying Game (1st Edition) Mulligans Homebrewed Adventure 4-5 Might switch to Beginner Box version
Pathfinder Roleplaying Game (1st Edition) Brent Johnson Pathfinder Society "First Steps" Intro 4-6 I'm a new PbF GM looking to run 1-2 tables, preferably mixing new and experienced players
Dungeon World landovers Homebrewed Adventure 4-5 Decided to switch to Dungeon World after all :)
Vikings and Valkyrs Laurence Gillespie Quest for the Blind King 5-6
Pathfinder Military Muskrat Homebrewed Adventure 4-6
Lady Blackbird Bifford Will run two games of this
bazin 3-5 Still searching for inspiration
Faery's Tale anthropos95 unknown 3-4 not a glamorous choice but easy to learn
Apocalypse World orklord unknown 4-6
Trail of Cthulhu nyriv original 3-5
Hollowpoint vaklam original 3-5
Dungeon World cleonhard TBD 4-5
Dungeons & Dragons (4th Edition) Darklight Published Adventure 4-6 Any one of several Darklight Interactive products: anything from short runs (Death's Edge, A Hero's Journey or the unpublished "Revenge of the Kobolds" or "A Night in Seyvoth Manor") to medium-sized (The Endless Winter) to ginormous (The Heart of Fire). Can also do full homebrew campaign "The Coming Dark".
Night's Black Agents committed hero original 4-6 The Sinful Mile: a quick op in Hamburg, Germany
Pathfinder Roleplaying Game (1st Edition) jatang Pathfinder Society We Be Goblins! 4-6 pregenerated goblin characters allow credit from module to be applied to PCs for future Pathfinder Society play
Marvel Super Heroes Pocketatomic Day of the Octopus 4 pregenerated 1985 Superheroes
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