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Name Aage
Concept Restless and wild
Player Andreas
Nationality Vestenmennavenjar
Wealth 0

Gaining Hero Point
• Either he or the GM activates his Hero’s Hubris.
• He chooses to say, “My Hero fails.” No dice rolled
• His Hero acts in a way as described by his Quirks. Once per session
• The GM buys any unused dice that aren’t part of a Raise for danger points.
Using Hero Points
• Add one bonus d10 to his roll, can be used multiple times.
• Add three bonus d10s to another Hero’s roll before a Risk.
• Activate a special ability on his Hero Sheet.
• Take an Action while Helpless.

Brawn Finesse Resolve Wits Panache
3 2 3 3 2

Background Quirk
Bearsark Earn a Hero Point when you let the Game Master choose your character's next action.
Sjørøver Earn a Hero Point when put yourself in danger in order to ensure your place of honor at the Allfather’s table.

Aim 2 Perform
Athletics 3 Ride 2
Brawl 3 Sailing 2
Convince Scholarship
Empathy Tempt
Hide 1 Theft
Warfare 1 Intimidate 2
Notice 2 Weaponry 2
Level 3: Re-roll a single die
Talent Effect
Hard to Kill You no longer become Helpless when you have four Dramatic Wounds. Instead, when you have four Dramatic Wounds any Villain who takes a Risk against you gains 3 Bonus Dice (rather than 2). You gain an additional tier of Wounds. When you have taken your fifth Dramatic Wound, you become Helpless.
Able Drinker Alcohol never adversely affects you, no matter how much you drink.
I'm taking you with me Spend a Hero Point to have all damage that you do this Round increased by the number of Dramatic Wounds you have.
Staredown Spend a Hero Point to intimidate a character into backing down from a threat, letting you into some-where he shouldn’t, or otherwise getting out of your way.
The Devil’s Own Luck Spend a Hero Point after you take a Risk to Re-Roll any number of dice you wish. You must keep the new roll, unless you have a different effect that allows you to Re-Roll dice. You can only use this Advantage once per Scene.

Virtue: The Witch - Intuitive
Once per session you can activate your Virtue to ask the GM one yes or no question about an NPC. The GM must answer honestly and should be generous—for example, if there is a qualifier, he should tell you and explain more fully.
Hubris: Reunion - Bitterness
You receive a Hero Point when you bring up old grudges or bad feelings when doing so will lead to trouble.

Goal: Find the Murderers of my tribe.
Ending: Finding peace by avenging the murder of my tribesmen
1st step: Trying to find clues about the murderes

I always felt more comfortable with a ship under my feet than anything else. No matter if it was a fisher boat or a trader. Part of the crew was always my way to go. The higher positions have too much politics and talking for my taste. I'm really not a talkative person.

One day when returning from sea, we saw our village burning and found everyone dead, slayed. Family, friends, loved ones.
First thing that came to mind was a rival tribe, but we found their village burnt to the ground as well. Everyone dead.

The few of us still alive, stayed together for a while. But some went mad and soon, some left. So did I. There was something evil casting it's cloud over all this.

Ever since that incident, I feel restless. There is something trying to reach out for me, grab me and pull me into darkness. There is an unfinished business. In both ways.

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