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Abby Kim

Player Schizoid Name Abby "Deva" Kim
Affiliation Unaffiliated Strain Mindbender
An unpopular high-school student, who suddenly discovers her new powers. Now she must chose whether to use them and disclose herself as an even freakier freak, or hide them and stay more 'normal'. But what about the temptation of getting even with those bullies and cheerleaders?"

Juice 4


Loyalties # Effect
Humanity 4 Characters may add (Humanity) to checks to help someone who is suffering or in trouble.
Comrades 2 You have two friends you can Contact, who can provide a skill speciality.
Justice 1 They may add (Justice) to checks that help them bring wrongdoers to justice.
Truth 1 They may add (Truth) to certain checks to reveal secrets.
Self 2 They may add (Self) to any checks against Death (pg. 187)

Skills # Specialties
Athletics 0
Beast Handling 0
Crafts 4
Deception 3
Discipline 4
Empathy 3
Fighting 0
Fortitude 2
Intimidation 0
Intuition 3
Knowledge 3
Markmanship 0
Might 0
Medicine 3 First Aid
Perception 2
Performance 2
Persuasion 1
Speed 0
Stealth 1
Survival 0
Technology 4 Hacking
Travel 2 Scooter

Authority 6
Authority Core Check: Authority + Persuasion
Range: Target within (Authority + Intimidation) x5 ft./x10 ft./x20 ft.
Duration: Concentration
Resistance: Mental Trauma

The AMP has gained the ability to force their will upon others. Even passively, they affect minds around them, adding (Authority) to Intimidation and Persuasion checks. For 1 Juice, they can force someone to perform a one- or two-word order, tapping into their subconscious mind. Anything similar to “Stop,” “Drop it,” “Get down” or “Jump” works.

Targets with Authority, Brainiac, or Telepathy (or Heartstrings in some cases) may add their level to Resistance checks. The target must be able to clearly hear and understand commands being given and must be in person (no use over the phone or radio). If the AMP tells them to do something going against their nature or something that will harm themselves, they receive another Resistance check.

Telepathic E1 Commands travel telepathically, without words and overcoming any language barriers.
Many Minds E2 Affects up to (Authority) targets at one time.
Mind Break E2 Target suffers a -5 penalty to their Resistance check.
Brainiac 4
Brainiac Core The AMP is struck with incredible intellect, making them much smarter than others, adding (Brainiac) to Knowledge and Technology checks. If faced with crucial info, they may spend 1 Juice to permanently commit it to memory. When it comes to building tools or objects, they are the best, adding (Brainiac/2) to checks to use items they’ve built themselves. For instance, an AMP with Brainiac 4 who crafts climbing gear would enjoy the normal +2 given from it, as well as +2 from his Power. In the hands of other people, who are incapable of understanding the advanced ideas behind the redesign, these items give no bonus. Each of these items requires at least a day to construct, so this is not an on-the-fly ability.
Recalculate T1 Check: None
Range: Self
Duration: Instant

After making a mistake, it is always good to be able to recalculate and find a different outcome. This Trick lets the AMP reroll a failed check. This Augment is reflexive.

V Speed Reading E1 Read approximately 400 pages per minute with perfect clarity. If this book provides new information, the AMP receives a +2 bonus to associated checks for 1 hour while it is fresh in their mind. Even if committed to memory, the bonus fades away naturally. They can only have one bonus from Speed Reading at any given time.

Quality Type Effect
Unreadable Social gift Some characters are non-emotional, and what they feel doesn’t register easily on their face or through body language. This Gift gives a +3 bonus against any Empathy or Intuition checks to read them.
Extreme AMP-specific gifts Some people are pumped with more adrenaline to keep them going. Starting Juice for the AMP is raised to 4 (instead of 3).
Shy Social drawback The character often shrinks into the background, becoming shy around important people or large crowds. They suffer a -2 penalty to all Persuasion (Leadership or Oratory) and Intimidation checks. This Drawback also applies to interactions with someone for which the character may have feelings. Rolling a Critical Failure for one of these checks gets the character +1 Juice, as their anxiety level
Not a Fighter Physical drawback The character doesn’t know how to fight effectively; they throw limp punches or can’t get out of the way of attacks fast enough. Their Boost during combat (attack and defense) is raised to Boost 6 (instead of 5).

Gear Type Effect

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