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Adventures in Port Nyanzaru (MDDCM)


Alastar Bol: Order of the Gauntlet representative. Owns a villa in the Market Ward. Seeking to resolve the undead problem in the Old City in order to gain promotion.
Arun: Stablemaster at the Coliseum.
Atuar: Missing resident of the Old City.
Derio: Order of the Gauntlet associate sent to investigate the undead problem. Now missing.
Klevin Van'Sheran: Lords' Alliance representative. Owns a shop in the Merchant's Ward.
Kwayothe: Merchant Prince who donated prizes for the Coliseum games. Deals in tej, oils and perfumes.
Nerissa: Claims to be investigating the Death Curse and assisting the Harpers. Wants to obtain the metal trinket that the Oracle's Eye sits in to verify whether it is part of the Dreamer's Amulet. Appears to be honest.
Osumare: Proprietor of The Thundering Lizard inn.
Pock-Marked Po: Zhentarim representative. Lives in the Old City. Seeking the Oracle's Eye to gain insight into the Death Curse.
Screaming Wind: Emerald Enclave representative. Can be found in Malar's Thoat.
Soggy Wren: Harpers representative. Likely to be found at Kaya's House of Repose in the Market Ward.
Viplo: Resident of the Old City who appears to be connected to the undead problem. Follower of Azuth. Has a 'lair' in one of the ziggurats.
Zindar: The harbourmaster of Port Nyanzaru.


Executioner's Run: Pit in the Old City used to punish those condemned by the Merchant Princes.
Harbor Ward: An area in Port Nyanzaru.
House of Gold: A building in the Market Ward.
Malar's Throat: An area in Port Nyanzaru.
Market Ward: An area in Port Nyanzaru containing shops and crafting houses.
Merchant's Ward: An area in Port Nyanzaru.
Old City: An area in Port Nyanzaru troubled by the disappearance of residents and sightings of the undead.
The Thundering Lizard: An inn providing food and lodgings. Dinosaur racing out back.
Tiryki Anchorage: An area in Port Nyanzaru.

Organisations or Groups

Bladefangs: Team name used by the group to enter the Coliseum.
Factions: The five factions operating in Port Nyanzaru are The Emerald Enclave, The Harpers, The Lords' Alliance, The Order of the Gauntlet and the Zhentarim.
Green Vipers: Rival team defeated by the group in the Coliseum dinosaur races.
Merchant Princes: The wealthy rulers of Port Nyanzaru.


Dreamer's Amulet: Powerful relic used by the yuan-ti that may be connected to the Death Curse (according to Nerissa).
Oracle's Eye: Gem provided as a grand prize in the Coliseum games. Po wants the gem itself, Nerissa wants the setting.

Information or Rumours

Kwayothe can be 'kind of mean'.


Azuth is the god of arcane knowledge.

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