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Adventures in Port Nyanzaru MDDCM

Adventures in Port Nyanzaru - IC
[IC] Tomb of Annihilation (MDDCM)
[OOC] Tomb of Annihilation (MDDCM)
[Character List] Tomb of Annihilation (MDDCM)


Alastar Bol: Order of the Gauntlet representative. Owns a villa in the Market Ward. Seeking to resolve the undead problem in the Old City in order to gain promotion.
Ashen Rock: Tabaxi rescued from the jungle near Malar's Throat.
Arun: Stablemaster at the Coliseum.
Atuar: Missing resident of the Old City. Found.
Azaka Stormfang: Human jungle guide. Has a personal quest to retrieve a wooden mask from the Pterafolk at Firefinger.
Derio: Order of the Gauntlet associate sent to investigate the undead problem. Now missing. Found.
Diamssar: Ytepka Society contact. Launched an attack on the party. Possibly under the influence of the Yaun-Ti.
Draza: Tailor recommended by Kwayothe. Probably to be found in the Merchant's Ward.
Hew Hackinstone: Dwarf jungle guide.
Jobal: Merchant Prince. Guides are supposed to register with. Located at Goldenthrone.
K'lahu: Runs the betting at the Executioner's Run. Can offer some kind of work.
Klevin Van'Sheran: Lords' Alliance representative. Owns a shop in the Merchant's Ward.
Kwayothe: Merchant Prince who donated prizes for the Coliseum games. Deals in tej, oils and perfumes.
Losi: Was captured by Viplo. Freed.
Nahu: Someone in cahoots with Sanuya.
Nerissa: Claims to be investigating the Death Curse and assisting the Harpers. Wants to obtain the metal trinket that the Oracle's Eye sits in to verify whether it is part of the Dreamer's Amulet. Appears to be honest. But is doing suspicious things, like offering to pay for the trinket so that she can take it to Wren, while Wren is not actually interested in the trinket.
Osumare: Proprietor of The Thundering Lizard inn.
Pock-Marked Po: Zhentarim representative. Lives in the Old City. Seeking the Oracle's Eye to gain insight into the Death Curse.
Remallia Haventree: Harper who wants the Death Curse lifted.
Sanuya: Leader of the smugglers.
Screaming Wind: Emerald Enclave representative. Can be found in Malar's Throat.
Soggy Wren: Harpers representative. Likely to be found at Kaya's House of Repose in the Market Ward. Enjoys his tej a bit too much.
Viplo: Resident of the Old City who appears to be connected to the undead problem. Follower of Azuth. Has a 'lair' in one of the ziggurats.
Syndra Sylvane: Archmage afflicted by the Death Curse.
Wakanga O'tamu: Merchant Prince. Syndra is staying at his villa.
Zaldara Cordess: Lich who investigated the Death Curse. Also known as the Duchess of Rot.
Zindar: The harbourmaster of Port Nyanzaru. Has a 'pirate problem'.


Executioner's Run: Pit in the Old City used to punish those condemned by the Merchant Princes.
Firefinger: Stone spire habited by pterafolk. Located five days travel by canoe up the Tiryki river.
Fort Beluarian: Manned by the Flaming Fist. Place to obtain permission to explore the jungle.
Harbor Ward: An area in Port Nyanzaru.
House of Gold: A building in the Market Ward.
Kaya's House of Repose: A slightly more up-market inn in the Market Ward.
Malar's Throat: An area in Port Nyanzaru. Suffering from an encroaching blight from the forest, pterafolk attacks and wandering undead.
Market Ward: An area in Port Nyanzaru containing shops and crafting houses.
Merchant's Ward: An area in Port Nyanzaru.
Old City: An area in Port Nyanzaru troubled by the disappearance of residents and sightings of the undead.
Red Bazaar: An area in the Market Ward.
The Thundering Lizard: An inn providing food and lodgings. Dinosaur racing out back.
Tiryki Anchorage: An area in Port Nyanzaru.

1. Beggar's Palace
2. Executioner's Run
3. Refuse Put
4. Goldenthrone
5. Merchant Prince's Villa
6. Grand Souk
7. Temple of Savras
8. Temple of Gond
9. Temple of Sune
10. Jewel Market
11. Royal Docks
12. Statue
13. Harbormaster's Office
14. Lighthouse
15. Fort Nyanzaru
16. Warehouse District
17. Dry Dock
18. Red Bazaar
19. Fish Market
20. Grand Coliseum
21. Hall of Gold
22. Public Bathhouse
23. Dye Works
24. Temple of Tymora
25. Dinosaur Pens

Organisations or Groups

Bladefangs: Team name used by the group to enter the Coliseum.
Citizens' Brigade: Group protecting Malar's Throat.
Factions: The five factions operating in Port Nyanzaru are The Emerald Enclave, The Harpers, The Lords' Alliance, The Order of the Gauntlet and the Zhentarim.
Flaming Fist: Group that lays claim to the jungles of Chult.
Green Vipers: Rival team defeated by the group in the Coliseum dinosaur races.
Merchant Princes: The wealthy rulers of Port Nyanzaru.
Ytepka Society: Unclear; some group which the smugglers are afraid of.


Dreamer's Amulet: Powerful relic used by the yuan-ti that may be connected to the Death Curse (according to Nerissa). A cursed item consisting of four parts (according to Wren).
Oracle's Eye: Gem provided as a grand prize in the Coliseum games. Po has the gem itself, Nerissa wants the setting.
Soulmonger: Necrotic device believed to be the source of the Death Curse. Located somewhere in Chult.
Velociraptor egg: Needs 20 downtime days.

Information or Rumours

Kwayothe can be 'kind of mean'.
Smugglers are running some kind of 'operation' which involves Sanuya and Nahu, which they do not want the princes or the Ytepka to discover.
A letter in the grung language talks about empowering a "gift" to the grungs' mother patron, and using offerings collected by the pterafolk as sacrifices to the patron. Afterward, the gift is to be delivered to a prince.
A dragon turtle named Aremag lives in the Bay of Chult. If you wish to set sail from Port Nyanzaru, you'll need treasure to appease the greedy monster. How much? Bah, I can't say. Aremag will tell you what he wants, and you'd best give him what he demands.
Deep in the heart of the jungle is a city built by minotaurs. It's now overrun by snake people, but even worse things dwell below. In visions, I have seen strange devils screaming in the dark.
Well, I heard a rumor that there's a monastery of birdfolk that hangs on the side of a plateau many miles up the Olung River. They say the bird folk are holding the last royal heir of Chult as their prisoner.
The ancient one beneath the Forbidden City gives birth to a terrible new god! The snake-men know! They know!
If you head up the Tiryki River about five days by canoe, you'll see a stone spire to the east. Natives call it Firefinger. 'Terror folk' nest there, and if they spot you, you're in for a fight.
Some city folk were expecting the arrival of a Halruaan airship called the Star Goddess. It never arrived. I bet it crashed in the jungle somewhere.
The great god Ubtao loved mazes. If you happen upon a maze of any kind, trace a path through it. You will earn Ubtao's favor by doing so.


Azuth is the god of arcane knowledge.
The Thrill of Victory: By claiming victory in both the dinosaur race and the gladiator's arena, you gain a bit of fame from the citizens within the walls of Port Nyanzaru. Once per day, you may gain advantage on a single Charisma check when dealing with any residents within the Market, Merchant's or Harbor Wards.
The Trusting Triceratops: Through your actions, you've garnered the respect of the Ytepka Society. Though their numbers are few, you are now aware of how their members identify themselves to each other. During any of the rare social interactions you may have with a member of the Ytepka Society, their starting attitude will automatically be friendly.
Velociraptor: (Once hatched). It may not attack, be attacked, defend, or provide any aid in combat, being no deadlier than a domesticated dog or cat. However, through practice and patience it can be taught simple tricks and name recognition if trained and fed for a minimum of 20 downtime days.

Collected loot

Scroll of Healing Word (P)
Scroll of Protection from evil and good (M)
Potion of healing x 8
Flask of Alchemist's Fire (E)
a scroll case containing a letter written in grung
a dagger with a jewel encrusted snake head on the hilt (15 gp)
Potion of poison (S)

Everybody took: 30+15+35+100 gp (removed from loot)
Cleftleaper took Potion of Animal Friendship and 1 x potion of healing

Player Handouts

A shared folder with all player handouts is available here.

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