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Alexandr Zaitzev

Name Commisar Alexandr "Sasha" Zatzev Player Aleksander
Regiment Valhallan 547th Reconnaissance regiment Speciality Commisar
Demeanour Sensible Description
42 34 31 37 31 28 32 29 32
Total wounds Current wounds Fate Corruption Insanity
13 Dead 0/1 3 5
Aptitudes: Agility, fellowship, finesse, leadership, perception, weapon skill, willpower.
Talents Description
Air of Authority When making command tests, the character can influence 10 times as many people. Orders given to squad also have their ranged increased by 100 meters.
Unshakeanle faith May re-roll failed fear tests
Weapon traning May use: Bolt, chain and las weapons.
Street fighting When using a small weapon or bare hands, add half of weapon bonus to critical damage.
Hatred (orks) +10 to weapon skill tests against the foe. Must roll WP to retreat.
Die hard When rolling for blood loss, the character may re-roll twice to avoid death.
Combat sense May use perception bonus instead of agility bonus to roll initiative
Galvanising presence  When using theTerrify use of the Command Skill, its effects apply to all members of his Squad. The Commissar counts as having Fear (2).
Swift attack The character can make the swift attack action: +0 WS, additional hit for every two additional Degrees of Success.
Whirlwind of Death  When attacking more than one foe in close combat, the character may make one standard melee attack for each foe he is facing, up to a maximum equal to his Weapon Skill Bonus.
Blessed Ignorance -5 to all Forbidden Lore tests

Skill highlights Char. % Char. %
Survival Per 32 Linguistics (Low Gothic) Int 28
Command Fel 32 Common Lore (Imperium) Int 28
Awarness Per 32 Common Lore (Imperial Creed) Int 28
Parry WS 42 Scrutiny Per 32
Scholastic Lore (Tactica Imperialis) Int 28 Common Lore (Imperial Guard) Int 28
Forbidden lore (Xenos) Int 23 Charm Fel 32

Half Full Charge Run
3 6 9 18

Name Class Range RoF Dam Pen Clip Rld Special
Bolt pistol Pistol 30m S/2/- 1D10+5 X
4 8 Full Tearing
Chain sword Melee 1D10+5 R
2 Tearing
WS: +5
Tearing: roll an extra D10 for damage, and use the highest.
Balanced: +10 to parry when using this weapon
Reliable: Only jams on a 00

Type Clip 1 Clip 2 Clip 3
Bolt Pistol 8 8 -
Type Damage Pen Special 3
1 Frag 2D10 X 0 Blast (3)
1 Krak 2D10+4 X 6 Concussive
Blast (3): Everyone within 3 meters of the attack is hit. Roll damage once, and apply to all targets.
Concussive: If hit, make a toughness test. If failure, target is stunned for DoF number of turns.

Armour: Flak cloak and helmet
Head Body Arms Legs
2 3 3 3

Gear highlights Description
Magnoculars A powerful vision aid.
Chameleoline cloak +20 to stealth, -30 to hit when stationary
Filtration plugs +20 to toughness checks to resist gas
Lho-Sticks Paper tubes with herbs. Light up and inhale

Acrobatics Ag 11 Parry WS 42
Athletics S 31 Psyniscience Per 12
Awareness Per 32 Scrutiny Per 32
Charm Fel 32 Security Int 8
Command Fel 32 Sleight of Hand Ag 11
Commerce Int 8 Stealth Ag 15
Deceive Fel 12 Survival Per 32
Dodge Ag 11 Tech-Use Int 8
Inquiry Fel 12 Intimidate S 11
Interrogation WP 9 Logic Int 8
Medicae Int 8

Other Gear:Commisar's uniform, one set of poor weather clothes, one laspistol with two charges, one knife, One flak vest, One rucksack, one set of basic tools, one mess kit and one water canteen, one blanket and sleep bag, one rechargeable lamp pack, one grooming kit, one set of cognomen tags, one instructional primer, two weeks combat rations.

Alexandr Zaitzev
Born and raised on Valhalla, Alexandr never wanted anything as much as he wanted to be safe, warm and well fed. That, of course, was not to be. He was drafted, instead, into the Commisariat.

At the Academy, he was lucky enough to study under the legendary Ciaphas Cain, and he took to heart his lessons about keeping your men on your side, understanding that it might at least serve to help him achieve the first point on his list of desires.

Comissar Cain's stories of his time with the Valhallan 597th led Alexandr to apply to be posted to one of the units of his homeworld, as unusual as that was.

XP spent on Points used
Parry: Known 200
Scrutiny: Known 100
Forbidden knowledge (Xenos): Known 300
Ballistic skill: Simple 250
Galvanising presence 250
Charm: Known 200
Swift attack 300
Whirlwind of Death 250
Total 1950
Unspent 100
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