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Player Cindy
Concept I am a water maiden. While I look normal on the outside I ripple when touched and things can pass through m
Cause (+1d) I want a place where I feel I belong.
Destiny Amaryllis will make natives more willing to accept outsiders among them as equals.

Backstories (higher Impact)
I lived most of my existence with natives
Only had one friend and they used him to try to control me.
Recently joined a coven and left in hopes they will let him be free.

Connections (+1d)
Character Relationship
Lethe He introduced Amaryllis to the coven to help with his cause.
Nyx We are trying to understand the natives, so they will be more accepting of us.

Passive You possess a physical mutation that is both a blessing and a curse. It must be immediately obvious upon observation, and can’t be universally helpful or incredibly niche. Extreme height, weight, extra limbs or appendages, bizarre aesthetic, alien features, etc. This mutation can function like an Item at times.
Active As part of a Task, the mutation has a more meaningful Impact on the scene’s Outcome.
Double roll As Active, except you’re able to take advantage of the mutation to great and positive effect.
Triple roll As Doubles, but with lasting effects, fame, or newfound abilities within your mutation.
Effect You can elevate the intelligence and sentience of beasts and simple creatures. These creatures must be living, naturally born (not magical constructs or other immortal beings), and at least partially willing to allow your machinations.

Each cast of this conjunct upon a creature elevates its level of intelligence by one echelon; a bug rises to the intelligence of a rat, a rat to a cat, a cat to a hound, a hound to an octopus, an octopus to a human child.

A Covened can never conjunct a creature to an echelon of sentience higher than that of a “simple” human, roughly equivalent to a prepubescent.

If the creature has the physical ability, they can learn to wear clothes, communicate, use tools, even cast conjuncts. A previously tame or obedient creature that has had its mind blossomed in this way may develop personality, personal goals, or motivations that differ from the Covened.

Time 24 hours to cast, uninterrupted. The effect is permanent unless the creature suffers some debilitating injury or magic.
Components A willing (or at the least, subdued) creature to blossom. An eldritchopod’s uberpearl, preserved human brain, saffron, all magically grafted to the creature’s head and allowed to “absorb” into its brain over the next hours or days depending on the size of the creature and the level of its intelligence.

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