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Name Anbu
Class Desert Farer
Player Art Lyon
Appearance Skewed guise with piercing eyes - Anbu is handsome but has a shifty look about him, and seems of low ancestry. His eyes, however, show intelligence, insight, and great curiosity.
Background Surgeon - Anbu had a respectable life as a young but reliable surgeon, but was unable to save a wealthy man's wife with whom, it was discovered, he was having an illicit affair...

Max Current
14 14

Rank Next rank

Ability Rating Score
Guile 2 7
Lore 2 6
Senses 1 5
Craft 1 5
Vigor 2 6
Might 1 3

Weapons Dmg Reach Wt. Other
Two obsidian spears d6 Thrown: 1 1 each

Armor def (reduce) armor (negate) Wt. Other
An elliptic hide shield 2 1 4

Equipment Wt.
Colored cloak (blue-gray) 0
Waterskin (3 uses) 3
Small pouch of myrrh 0
Necklace with wooden beads shaped like grains of wheat 0
Dates and bread for five days 5
Two fowls tied to a stick 2
Tortoise-shell lute 1
Small urn of olive oil 1
Lodestone 0
Leather wanderer’s sack (makes four items count as one) 1

Max Current
15 15

General Skills Ability Effect
Manipulation Guile Each 5+ grants you an influence over someone: spend it to have her reroll a die when acting against your wish.
Disguise/Conceal Guile Each 5+ grants you an influence: spend it to have someone reroll a die when searching for that which you have concealed.
Expert Knowledge Lore Each 5+ lets you remember or deduce something that others are unaware of: ask the referee a question relevant to your knowledge.
Advise Lore Each 5+ lets you grant someone a reroll on the condition that sheheeds your advice.
Search Senses Each 5+ lets you find something hidden or easily missed: ask the referee any one question about the object of your search.
Assess Senses Each 5+ lets you see through someone: ask the referee (or player) anything. If you act on this information, you gain a reroll.
Make Craft Say what you seek to create. The referee sets delimitations: quality, time, material or similar. Each 5+ lets you double or halve any one of them.
Treat Wounds Craft Each 5+ lets you grant your patient a recovery die if resting: 1d6 for short rests, 1d10 for extended.
Hurl/shoot Vigor On a 5+ you hit your mark if in reach: target may check Senses to catch or evade. Each additional 5+ adjusts reach by +1 and saves by +/-1.
Hast/Traverse Vigor Each 5+ lets you either: traverse a zone without misfortunes, get hold of something in the current zone, or bring someone with you.
Use Force Might State your demand: your target must accept or suffer damage.Each 5+ equals 1 die damage as per weapon.
Guard/Defend Might Each 5+ grants an influence: spend it to reroll damage taken or make yourself the target of an action intended for someone else in your zone.
Class Skills Ability Effect
Swift Increase your Vigor score by 2. If appropriate, adjust your ability rating accordingly. (added above)
Curious constitution for encumbrance purposes, you may add your class rank to your maximum endurance. As a starting character you add 1, enabling you to carry up to 15 items without fatigue. However, the Desert Farer suffers more from overload than other characters, gaining one point of fatigue per two excess items carried (rounded up) instead of the normal three.
Specialist Craft When examining an old or strange object, test Craft. For each 5+, choose one: +You know who last possessed the object. +You know who created the object. +You know what is wrong with the object and how it can be mended. +You know what it was used for or where it was used. +You know a place where you can sell it for great profit.
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