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Andreas Baum

Name Andreas Baum Player Andy

Occupation Police Detective Drive Duty
Occupational Benefits
Using Cop Talk, you can put fellow police at ease, gain access to case files, evidence rooms, prisoners, and other things only accessible to the police department. Within your own jurisdiction, any points at all in Cop Talk will give you access to police laboratories and even the morgue.

Health Stability Sanity
Total 10 10 10
Current 3 -8 8

Investigative skills General skills
Skill Total Current Skill Total Current
Assess Honesty 1 1 Athletics 8 6
Bureaucracy 2 2 Stealth 3 3
Credit Rating 4 4 Sense Trouble 2 0
Cop Talk 4 3 Conceal 1 1
Interrogation 1 1 Fleeing 5 5
Evidence Collection 4 2 Driving 4 4
Locksmith 1 1 Electrical Repair 2 2
Pharmacy 1 1 Explosives 3 3
Photography 1 1 Filch 1 1
Forensics 2 1 Firearms 12 12
Law 1 1 Mechanical Repair 1 1
    • German
1 0 Piloting 1 1
Streetwise 1 1 Preparedness 3 2
Intimidation 1 0 Scuffling 5 5
physics 1 1 Shadowing 3 3

Sources of Stability
Fred O'Malley, Old retired Police Chief who's like a father figure
Cusin Klaus, the reason he settled in Arkham after losing his parents.
Prof. Margaret Bell, Local Egyptology expert at the Museum. She helped on his last case.
Pillars of Sanity
Physical laws and the reality of scientific knowledge - He believes science can explain almost everything around us and if questions arise, then the scientific process will answer the question.
Moral principles - He knows what is right and wrong in almost any situation and sees the world in Black and White.
One should Never Marry - It complicates things...

Andreas' Story

I was investigating an artifact theft from the Museum's Egyptology Wing... As the town's leading investigator that lead me to Amsterdam, Paris, then Munich where I tracked down the thief, who was already dead, recovered the ancient gold and ruby beetle ring with strange markings on it. Not hieroglyphics but rune-like markings .... but the trail went cold after I had a run in with a strange cult... now to find out whats so interesting about this ring...

A tall man with balding black hair speckled with grey and in my mid 40's with a slight german accent. He dresses casually for a police inspector and has a black goatee, and never married, he just doesn't have the time ... a workaholic, he smokes a pipe while he thinks, is a crack shot with a Colt M1911, and sometimes heads to the police firing range to let off steam. A traveled man, he's fluent in Deutsche, English, and some Arabic, as he spent my early childhood in Grenzach-Wyhlen, Germany and a year of my early teens on a dig site in Egypt, the valley of the kings with his parents who where archeologists for Neues Museum. They later died under mysterious circumstances on a steam river boat on the nile, some say by the curse of pharaohs.

I spent my high school years in Massachusetts with a distant American cousin, went to university, studied all the newest scientific investigative techniques and then worked my way up in the Police Department. First on the beat and later as a investigator. Now I'm a lead investigator. I am a big believer in a new way of identifying people called fingerprinting, but some say that's "just bunk science" I have kept my eye on Egyptology and know the "experts" in town.... There has definitely been an uptick in strange occurrences, and it seems that pieces in the Egyptology wing are going missing at an alarming rate...

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